Words of 4 year old wisdom

It never ceases to amaze me how different my three children are, in actions, personality, and perspective. I was struck yesterday by their differing reactions to their dad’s departure. Anya cries and will miss her dad more on significant days-she’s predictable and usually very strong. Addie, being only 2 years old, seems indifferent and her usual naughty self. The most surprising was Lorelei, who has become the optimist in this family. She was unfazed, which made me wonder if she understands this separation. True, she is confused at the distance and references the world map in our kitchen. She may grow more confused or sad as the time passes. However, her words, or argument rather, with her sister were priceless and show the eternal optimism of youth. I had to share a few, and perhaps I can steal a little wisdom from my child.


Anya- ” Lorelei, daddy left today.”

Lorelei- “it’s okay, he’s coming back.”

Anya- “but he’ll be gone for 6 months, he will miss my birthday. It’s a long time.”

Lorelei- “no it’s not. Watch….1,2,3,4,5,6. See, that’s not long.”


Wisdom of a four year old..


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