Day 4: I don’t know how she does it…

***Nina and the girls – June 2009***

My nickname today should have been “The Blur.”  I was entirely too busy today, and none of it was avoidable.  We had a dental appointment, a preschool orientation, a ballet class, dropping off clothes and broken electronics, checking mail, a trip to the bank, groceries and gas vouchers to buy, and a student advisory board meeting for which I am the secretary.  All in one day.  By the time I was finally home, I was ready to crash.  Of course, this did not happen, but I was ready for it.

Whenever I have days like today, I think about my own mom.  This was her life everyday and sometimes it still is.  I am the oldest of five children, all of whom were very active in school and extracurricular activities.  Before I could drive myself, my parents were like chauffeurs.  They worked and spent the rest of the time at practices, rehearsals, games, meetings, and events.  While I lived at home, I do not know if my mom ever even slept.  If she was not working at one of her multiple jobs, she was involved in something with one of her kids.  Example:  my baby brother was sick at only a few weeks old, and he had to be hospitalized.  My mom stayed there with him – but also spent the time sewing my spider costume for my summer theater debut in “Charlotte’s Web.”  She drove in town or out of town, in good and bad weather, and even while in labor to be with her kids.  I know I have a very biased opinion of my own mother, but she was and is the most selfless person I know. 

I know that even on days like today, when I am beyond stressed with rushing around base, I am not nearly as busy as my mom ever was.  Even now, she calls me in the car or between meetings because her life is so full – and usually for others.  As I find myself crazed with my own kids and their busy lives, as well as my own, I simply wonder how she does it or how any of us do it.  Are we too crazy?  Do we make ourselves this stressed and overrun?  I like to think that while my mom barely had enough time to think let alone have time for herself, she was doing this for the lives of her children.  Yes, there are days where I wonder why I am running myself ragged for the little people that throw my hard-worked dinner back in my face.  But I think about my childhood, the opportunities that I was allowed to explore, the experiences I gained, and the memories I have with my mom, I hope that every stressful moment I endure will be revered by my children as I revere mine.

Besides, as long as I live in the land of coffee and espresso, “The Blur” will still live…


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