Day 12: ordinary day

Today was ordinary – blissfully ordinary.  I got two out of three kids off to school, then Addie and I went to the laundromat to wash all the bedding.  The joys of having a tiny European washing machine and dryer means that none of our bedding will fit in them.  We made the best of it with some snacks, coloring books, cards, and an iPad of course.  Here is the happy girl at 8:30 this morning:

We did our errands – Anya is having a sleepover tomorrow night, so snacks were a necessary buy, as well as more milk.  That whole joke about just buying a cow might actually be more feasible for me with all the milk I have to buy.  We went to the post office with disappointment at no packages again, then came home to study, clean, and just hang out.  We ate Chinese food, played together, and snuggled under our huge Iowa blanket, courtesy of the Fitzsimmons.

The highlight of our day was a call from Andy, even if it was static-filled and dropped four times.  He is safe and getting settled, and he sounds more like himself than he has.  We are already starting his first care package, a challenge since we have made so many over the years.  I’m still trying to decide what food we should throw in there. 

Today was so ordinary that I am at a loss for words about what to write about.  Ordinary can feel boring or stagnant, but right now, ordinary is wonderful because it is simply that – ordinary.  We are getting into a routine, we are making plans and keeping busy.  Right now, ordinary is exactly what the girls and I need.  

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog – there will be some sugar enhanced, girly fun happening all day and night as we host our first sleepover here in Italy.  It shall be interesting…


One thought on “Day 12: ordinary day

  1. Rachel,
    I’m writing because your mom and sister alerted me to your blog. I do the editorial pages for the Quad-City Times.
    Each sent me a short letter to the editor, introducing your blog. I’m hoping to publish a couple of excerpts from it, along with your family’s letters and a photo of you and Andy, provided by Elizabeth.

    You write engagingly and candidly, and most importantly: concisely! Varied sentence structure; strong verbs; honest, personal insight with little cheerleading or over-wrought self-examination.

    I’m grateful your family steered me to your blog, but I need to hear from you before I proceed with publication of your family’s pictures and experiences.

    You may reach me at

    Mark Ridolfi
    Editorial Page Editor
    Quad-CIty Times

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