Day 21: Take a Trip Activities – stop 2 – Kenya






Take a Trip Activities – stop 2 – Kenya!  Anya made this flag all by herself.  It’s pretty good, right?


Tonight, we completed another one of our Take a Trip activities.  This time, Anya picked Kenya.  I was very apprehensive about this – I know nothing about food native to Africa!  But as with our foray into India, we researched and did our best.  I found a lot of recipes using beans, which the kids are not fans of, so I had to really dig around to diversify our menu for the evening.  The picture above features, clockwise from the big pot: beans and rice, pineapple, chapati (flat bread, usually to scoop up your food on your plate), mandazi (savory doughnuts, eaten with any meal), mtuzi wa samaki (fish in coconut milk; I also added chicken for the girls), and a lettuce and carrot relish to mix in with the chapati.  The picture below is the dessert:  coupe mount kenya (mango ice cream with a pineapple syrup, pineapple chunks, and pistachios). 

The food was really good!  I was a little uneasy about fish in coconut milk, but combined with the tomatoes, garlic, and cumin, it made it sweet and savory.  The girls gave mixed reviews – everyone loved the mandazi, and Erin and I really loved the coupe mount kenya. 

This is Erin and Lorelei enjoying the meal!





We wore red because the Masai, who reside in Kenya, wear red to honor Mother Earth.  Of course, Anya wore her braided headband as well!

I helped Anya with her research this week – a lot of names and places she could not pronounce!  We learned that Kenya is home to over 41 million people, and the capitol is Nairobi.  Tourism is a major industry, accounting for more than 60% of the country’s income.  There a many wildlife and gaming reserves there, and visitors can go on safari, visit a beach, or witness Mt. Kenya, the mountain the country is named after.  The most popular animals are lions, leopards, rhinoceros, and elephants.  Kenya also witnesses a natural wonder of the world, the wildebeest migration.  11.5 million of these animals will migrate from Tanzania and through Kenya every year in search of food and water supplies.  Pretty cool, huh?  Kenya is also home to the second largest freshwater lake, Lake Victoria.  Nairobi is a modern city, but Kenya is still home to over 40 different tribes across the nation.  The languages spoken here are Swahili and English.

After learning so much about the country, Anya has decided that we should go on safari there!  I told her to save her money…but I think that would be quite the adventure.  And they speak English there, which means we would not have to learn another language.  I think it is awesome that my children (well, mostly Anya since she is the one who really comprehends all this) are excited to learn about how others live around the world.  I also love that Anya shares my yearning to go and experience other cultures, even if it seems a little intimidating and unknown.  Someday, I hope we do get to safari in Kenya, just like she wants!

So we have completed another Take a Trip activity.  Anya has already picked our next stop – China.  This one is ambitious too, since China is such a large and diverse country.  I do not get to pick though, so to China we will go!  Why did I get rid of my wok?  🙂


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