Day 25: so excited but so very tired.

Quick post before I literally crash into bed – was a frustrating day child wise.  Some of the other ballet moms and I dubbed it “Terrible Child Day.”  Seems like everyone I ran into had a screaming, sad, or naughty child with them.  One mom at the gym abandoned everything to drag her child out, then had to come back for it all (I know her pain).  We had a short but sweet call from Andy.  He is cold, frustrated, and lonely for home, but that is not unusual.  I finished some decorating for Valentine’s Day and had Anya finish her birthday thank you cards. 

But the best news of the day…..I bought Anya and my tickets to Barcelona!  We are going in a few months, just the two of us; a friend of mine will be watching the younger girls.  I am so excited because:

1)  I love, love, LOVE doing fun things with just one kid at a time.  I can focus on that one, and the time is really special.

2)  Anya is learning Spanish in school, and I took four and a half years of it between high school and college.  It is going to be fun to use it (or attempt to!).

3)  Spain is one of the countries on my list of places to travel – I’ve wanted to go to Barcelona and Madrid, and now I can cross one off.

4)  It really gives us something big and closer to look forward to.  Having an event a little closer to countdown to will help break up the deployment too!

I am lucky to have a friend here who is willing to take on Lorelei and Addie (let’s be honest, really just taking on Addie) so I can do something a little more grown-up and fun with Anya.  SO EXCITED!  But I do need to go to sleep.  I do not even know how I’m typing right now.  Until tomorrow!


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