Day 31: one little phone call

I was having yet another trying day with my children today.  As I found myself giving in to another Dora DVD just so I could give myself 5 seconds of peace, I thought of the entire week I had of commitments, meetings, school and extracurricular activities, and just plain living that had to be done.  If this was how the week was shaping up, it was looking to be very unpleasant.  I was about to pull my hair out as I heard the toy bin being dumped all over the floor yet again when the phone rang.  My house phone, which means it is either family, Andy, or a telemarketer.  Fortunately, it was….



For the nine minutes I was on the phone, I forgot about how frustrated I was and how tired I was.  I listened to him, complained to him about his children (they’re HIS children when they’re naughty), and told him how much we all miss him.  Sometimes when he calls, I forget how far away he is.  His words and voice are so comforting to me.  Again, only nine minutes – but nine minutes of calm, comfort, and my husband.  Once I hung up the phone, the house was still trashed, the girls were still naughty, and my daily to-do list was not even halfway completed.  It didn’t matter.  I received some precious time with my husband, and it really did make a difference.  I hope I can bottle up some of that calm from his phone call for the rest of the week!



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