Day 41: finally – snow. Boo…

I woke up to a notice that Anya’s school was starting two hours later today because of snow.  I thought maybe it was a cautious delay – yesterday had been cold but sunny.  With the exception of the bitter cold that has hit Europe this month, it has not really felt like winter much here.  But alas, I went to my window and a blanket of white covered the yards and rooftops of my neighborhood.  I slipped back into bed, hoping the girls would sleep a little longer and feeling grateful for the extra time this morning.  Of course, the other part of my brain was thinking, “Oh, crap.  SNOW.”

Many people like snow.  They see the beauty in it, and they enjoy snow-related activities like skiing, outdoor ice-skating, or snowboarding.  Kids like to play in it, and I have many happy memories of sledding and making snowmen.  When I see snow, I feel nothing but negativity.  I think of how much I hate driving in it – both my own driving and dealing with others.  I think of the slush and mess it will make in my yard and house.  I think of how cold it is, meaning I have to pay more for heating our house and have to fight my children to bundle up more outside.  I see the white and can appreciate the beauty it casts, especially on the mountains, but I still despise it.  In other words, snow and I are not buddies.

I especially hate snow when Andy is gone.  He is good at all those fun things the kids like to do – snowball fights, snowmen, playing together.  I’m a good mom, but I am a more indoor oriented mom (or at least not winter oriented).  He likes cold and winter.  He would also be the one to shovel the snow and clear off my car – things I can do myself, but I always enjoy having them done for me.  He would snuggle with me when it’s really cold at night, something I really miss.

I should be thankful that our cold this month has been mild compared to the rest of Europe.  If you have not seen the news, the cold snap that hit this month has killed over 460 people so far.  Today I read that the Danube river has frozen in many countries, so much that ports from Austria to Serbia have been forced to shut down.  Here is a picture of Belgrade, courtesy of the National Post:My dislike of snow is nothing compared to the problems many people are facing.  Many have lost power or are trapped in isolated villages and snow-covered houses.  Many are suffering without resources while I sit here writing on my computer to you.  So if I have a dusting of snow, even if it is a little inconvenient, I should be thankful that my children and I are warm, safe, and healthy.  I read about all of Europe everyday, hoping for an end to the bitter cold and the death and illness caused by it. 

Despite that, my distaste for snow will continue…how many more days until spring?


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