Day 42: highlights of the day

We had a great day today, and I do not always get the pleasure in saying that.  Here are the highlights, since my computer and my brain are about to die!

1)  The girls slept in.  This is always a good start to a weekend.

2)  I had a babysitter today, which means I could take Lorelei to her birthday party without chasing Addie all over, i.e. I could enjoy the party too!  It also meant I could sneak away for some solo time later.

3)  Back to this birthday party we attended…it was Lorelei’s first friend birthday party, a girl she attends ballet with.  It was one of the cutest kid parties I have been to in awhile!  The parents did a circus theme, complete with balloons, a “big top” ceiling made with red and white paper, a photo booth, and a game area with fair themed games.  They gave out party favors like fortune-telling fish, cotton candy, big clown glasses, and silly string.  They all dressed up in circus attire too!  It was adorable, and I’m totally inspired to do better for my own kids’ parties.

4)  I went shopping today.  Sadly, I shop often for groceries, household necessities, school items, etc.  Today, I was able to go to a mall – I have not been to one since my birthday in October.  I hate taking the girls, Italian parking lots are a navigational nightmare for a van, and I’ve been trying to save money.  However, I was helping my friend Erin prepare for her award ceremony next week and in return, I got a few hours of girl time over shoes, jewelry, and clothing sales.  I snagged some awesome red heels for super cheap and a hoodie for only 4.95 Euro.  I didn’t spend much, which was my goal, but I really enjoyed some mommy-free time.  Plus, Erin lets me pick out clothes for her, which I love (although I have to give her credit – she did make me try on a pair of jeans that I loved).

5)  I did our taxes – whew!  Two hours of paperwork, math, and irritation with the tax program I was using, but it’s all done.  I can also look forward to putting away a large refund for saving, for moving this summer, and for traveling!  We want to do as much as we can while we’re here, and our wish list of places to visit is long.  Where should we go next?  Germany?  France?  Any thoughts?  I’m leaning towards a certain place in France that the kids might enjoy…

The final highlight of the day is my sheer exhaustion.  I normally have trouble sleeping, so I am going to bid you goodnight and take advantage of this.  Buona notte!


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