Day 45: eh, Valentine’s Day…

Love.  Red.  Chocolate.  Stupid naked baby shooting arrows.  Yes, it is Valentine’s Day.  Andy and I are never big celebrators of this holiday – when you spend most of them apart, it becomes a little tricky.  We love each other, we know that, and we like celebrating our love for each other at any other time (although he does not skate out of the anniversary, that one is a must).  However, I like celebrating all holidays with the girls.  We have had our house decorated since the end of January with paper hearts and cupids, and I made some felt heart garlands and a tulle wreath for the door.  We have made cookies and brownies.  Anya’s class had a small party today, so she and I made valentines to pass out.  She came home with lots of candy and valentines too.

I love establishing traditions with the girls, and they love participating in them.  My mom decorated for every holiday when I was younger, and I love doing it even more with my own children.  Lorelei has been asking about what Valentine’s Day is, so we researched.  I tried as best as I could to explain the history of the day in preschool terms.  Did you know that the day started as an observance to Christian martyrs with the name Valentinus?  It evolved into a romantic holiday during the Middle Ages and by the 15th century, lovers were presenting each other with flowers, confections, poetry, and cards expressing their love for one another, i.e. valentines!  Thanks for the information.

Even though we do not really celebrate it, I still hate when Andy is gone for the day.  There are so many people around me that do celebrate it with the people they love, and I feel blessed that I have my children with me for it every year.  I know that I have my family and friends who love me and whom I love.  Still, it would be nice to get even a kiss from my husband on this holiday.  I don’t expect gifts – the little things make me pretty happy.

I did get a really sweet moment today.  The PTA at Anya’s school gave out Valentine Grams for the day, similar to the Halloween and Christmas Grams they also give out.  I ordered two this time to be delivered to Anya – one from me, and one from her daddy.  When she got home from school, after the usual round of “How was your day?” type questions, I asked her to show me the valentines she received.  She gave me two that she said were her favorites, and sure enough, they were the grams I ordered from Andy and I.  She could not believe that her daddy ordered her one all the way from Afghanistan (our little secret, but he would have sent her one himself if he could).  She said it was the best surprise.  I cried a little on the inside as she told me all this.  Best $2 I have spent in awhile.

So whoever you are and wherever you are…Happy Valentine’s Day from me.  Think what you like about the holiday, but I’ll take any excuse to show even more love to those around me.  Eat some chocolate, wear red, and throw Cupid a sweater, he’s probably freezing…  🙂


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