Day 62: hit and miss communication

Lately, I’ve been experiencing some hit and miss communication.  By this, I mean that I either am missing phone calls/texts/emails/smoke signals or am finding that I do not have the time to communicate with those I would like to be communicating with.  I can often blame this on inconsistent Italian cell reception or internet, different time zones that my various family and friends are living in, or just the general lack of hours in the day.  I hate missing opportunities to connect with those I love – after moving so much, I have friends all over the world (literally) and family that I miss dearly.  I do the best I can, given how busy all of us are.

It’s been really bothering me how little I get to talk to Andy lately.  His working hours have been inconsistent as of late, either late nights or early mornings or just unreliable internet service.  He is also 3.5 hours ahead of me, so we often find that when it is convenient for him to talk, it is not convenient for me.  For example, he can usually talk around 9:00 pm his time.  However, this is usually when I am making dinner or feeding the girls.  Sometimes we are not home at this time.  I have been feeling guilty too because for the last two Friday nights, I have had the kids at the CDC for childcare, one of these times for free even.  I want to talk to Andy and hate missing him, but I also do not get a lot of time to myself or with friends.  I like taking advantage of these nights where I have childcare available, especially if it is free!  But I hate missing him, too. 

I keep missing family and friends as well.  For family in Iowa, there is a 7 hour time difference, and we all have lives, jobs, commitments, etc. that prohibit us from calling whenever we would like.  I usually talk to my mom at 11:00 pm my time, being 4:00 pm her time.  This doesn’t always work – she is just getting out of work and is usually running around to something else, and I am trying to stay awake since I’m exhausted from my day.  I hardly talk to my sisters, brothers, mother-in-law, or friends anymore.  Thank God for internet and Facebook, my primary means of communication with those not living around me!  I’m not much better if you live around me, either.  I forget my phone or turn the ringer down so much I cannot hear it.  I get spotty reception in my house, so I often lose a phone call even in my living room.  I’m better with texts, since those can be sent even in quiet places. 

All in all, I am not great with communication as of late.  To be fair, I have some pretty great obstacles in my path.  However, I am a great friend, daughter, sibling, wife, etc. who tries really hard to overcome these communication challenges.  When you need me, I am there and available, whether that be over the phone, in person, or through email – I’m not bragging, I just make it a priority to be there for those I care about.  I wish it was easier, but it isn’t.  To any of you who I have been missing lately, I’m sorry.  Know that it isn’t intentional – life and time gets in the way.  Until they invent no-fail communication means or telepathic methods of communicating with others, I just have to keep trying. 


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