Day 63: a blah day can be a happy day

I came home with the kids last night at a little after 10:00 pm (my time) and felt kind of funny.  Jittery, shaky, and just a little out of it.  I figured it was probably the food I ate – I take movies pretty seriously and come prepared with candy in my purse, money for nachos, and a soda that I’ll allow myself to have.  Could have been the soda, since I have not had one in over two months, could have been the stick-to-your-ribs nacho cheese, or it could have been pure exhaustion.  Either way, I put myself to bed and fell asleep.  However, I woke up feeling pretty much the same as the night before.  I hate feeling off, especially when there is no husband to help with the kids.  I warned them that I was feeling icky and that our chances of doing anything today were slim. 

Normally, this sends the kids into hyper mode.  It’s as if the mere mention of my weakness makes them want to tear the house and each other apart.  Today, they were freakishly abnormal.  Anya and Lorelei were happy to watch movies, play outside in the backyard, and entertain each other.  Addie, who has had some minor tummy trouble herself the past 24 hours, slept in this morning, took a 1.5 hour nap this afternoon, and was happy to snuggle up in my bed this afternoon.  They were all content with leftovers for meals and with staying home today.  Again, abnormally well behaved – but nice, right?

I still do not feel great.  I wish I could put my finger on exactly how I feel – it’s almost like a dazed feeling, where I am not really hungry or tired, yet I feel like I’ve done a long strenuous workout.  In spite of this, I actually enjoyed today.  I had a pillow fight with my girls, since my bed is loaded with pillows and we were piled into it this morning as I attempted to keep them entertained while also laying down.  I forgot how nice it is to have them all in bed with me, just lounging.  We found the movie “Rio” that we thought we lost and watched it; on another note, we discovered that we lost “Scooby Doo” and for the girls, this is a tragedy.  Lorelei told me some grand stories, all of which were entirely untrue but still rather entertaining.  I talked to Andy for a little while, which always makes the day better.  We read books, more books than I knew we had.  We opened the windows to catch the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful weather, even if inside.  I accomplished nothing productive but felt like I reconnected with my kids in a roundabout way.

Today should have been terrible, as are most days when one of us is feeling under the weather and we are stuck in the house.  However, it was a nice day – a day of laziness, movies we forgot about, books that require funny voices, sunshine streaming through windows that can be cleaned another day, and remembering the small things that I love about my family.  A blah day turned into a happy day.  I just need to store the good moments of today for future reference when days are not so pleasant.  And I need to remember that even when they drive me crazy, I have some pretty awesome kids to keep me company, to teach me, to entertain me, and to remind me how great even the sick days can be.


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