Day 66-68: what a week!

I have been absent from this blog for most of the week – I apologize!  But it has been pretty chaotic and strange here the past few days.  Let me explain:

Tuesday:  we began our day as usual.  Lorelei and Anya went to school, Addie and I got some errands done and even made it to the gym for a good workout.  We picked Lorelei up from school and headed home to make birthday cupcakes for my friend Erin.  I had this big plan to decorate her house and brings her cupcakes and presents; she wasn’t looking forward to her birthday this year, and I told her we were doing something and we would be celebrating.  She loves red velvet cake, and she also loves green, so I figured we would make green velvet cupcakes!  I normally just use red food coloring instead of red with my own recipe, but I found a different one that I wanted to try.  Well, we made them and were tasting one (because you always have to taste your cooking!), and they tasted funny.  No other way to explain it, but they tasted off.  I put them aside, thinking I would just start another batch.  About an hour later, I was Exorcist-style puking.  I continued to do this all night long – and I mean, all night long.  I couldn’t sit up or move because everything made me sick, which makes it difficult to take care of your kids.  Thankfully, I have Anya who was very helpful and kids who don’t mind being entertained by a mom who can only stay vertical.  Lorelei also started vomiting in the night, and all our running back and forth from beds to the bathroom kept Addie and Anya up.  It was a very long night and too early of a morning the next day.

I know that no one likes being sick, but I especially hate being really sick with no other adult here.  I always have the fear that I’ll be so sick and something bad will happen, and since we are alone that the kids will be alone.  It’s a fear I’ve had since Anya was little.  Yes, I know I can call someone if things were really bad here, but honestly, who wants to call someone when you are vomiting and disgusting?  I wouldn’t have even wanted Andy to see that!  Luckily, it was a less than 24 hour thing.

Wednesday:  Because none of us slept, I kept us all home for the day.  By about 10:00 am, Lorelei and I were feeling better.  It truly must have been something in the cupcakes!  That has never happened to me with my own cooking, so I felt a little embarrassed and sad that I could not do my original plan for Erin’s birthday.  Luckily, I still had dinner plans with her and was feeling up to doing it.  The girls and I cleaned the house up, did so much laundry from all the sickness, and spent the day just relaxing.  The new babysitter came over – she was early, she works at the CDC here so she has the training and background check, and the girls loved her!  It is so hard to find a babysitter here, so if I find one we like and I trust, I try to keep them.  I decked myself out and headed to dinner.  We ate with some of Erin’s friends at this awesome restaurant here, Alla Fontaniva.  They are infamous for a fagottini, a pasta “purse” stuffed with a pear filling; my mouth waters just thinking about it.  I did not eat much, since my stomach was still a little uneasy, but the food there is amazing and the company was even better.  I do not get out much, especially dressed up, and I was so happy that Erin had a great birthday.  I made it home to a clean house (this babysitter CLEANED my house!) and crashed into bed.

Happy Birthday Erin!

Fagottini – delicious!

Thursday:  back to normal, as much as we could.  Lorelei to school, Anya to a dentist appointment and school, Addie and I just playing chauffeur and getting more cleaning supplies.  I spent most of the day trying to get caught up on schoolwork, since I had been neglecting it, and finished a paper.  We were able to talk to Andy since he had some time.  He is doing well, but he is extremely tired, frustrated, and missing us.  Good thing since we miss him even more.  He and I had been talking about potentially not moving, and yesterday we finally made the decision to not move.  We would love to possibly have a bigger house, but we also love our landlords and don’t mind living here.  We have also been talking about how stressed out I am nearly all the time.  It’s probably one of the reasons I always feel sick and am not sleeping well, and I know that I need to work on lowering my stress.  Moving was a big source of my stress – just thinking about it made my stomach hurt – and once we decided not to move, I felt a little better.  We are okay with the house we have now.  It’s smaller, but I like my area and the fact that I am surrounded by plenty of Americans as well as Italians.  I hope it does not affect our friends whose house we were going to take this summer; I would not want their landlord upset with them because we changed our minds.  But it’s still March, so I’m glad we decided this now instead of later.  

So now it is early Friday morning, and I finally feel like things have calmed down a little.  We are still trying to sanitize our house again – I am over all the sickness we have had this winter!  I’m hoping that this is the end of the illness.  The weather is still beautiful, so maybe we can get out this weekend and do something fun.  I’m trying to stay optimistic, to keep from overworking myself and stressing about the little things, and continuing to count down the days of this deployment.  We are over two months into this, and this month is so busy that it should fly by.  Until next time, my dear readers! 


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