Day 72: good news for Addie!

I received word today that Addie qualified for care at the early development clinic here – yay!  She is slotted for speech therapy, OT, and a weekly playgroup with other toddlers her age.  The woman who has been consulting with me would also like to see Addie several times a month to work with her.  All this help for this little one!

When I first heard all the programs they want to place her in, I was a little overwhelmed.  That sounds like a lot of time and work!  Can Addie handle all of that?  Can we handle all of it?  After thinking about it for today, I am now just amazed that all this help is being offered to her.  This is not a large base, so the fact that it is all available here is wonderful and very convenient.  Not only that, but I do not have to worry about the costs for all of this, thanks to my husband’s lovely insurance.  My biggest concern will be getting to all these appointments and getting Addie what will help her. 

Addie even seemed excited about going back to the clinic.  We have been talking about the people there, and she had a great time last week during her evaluation.  We will go back on Friday to fill out paperwork and get some sort of schedule going, and then they would like her to start right away. 

Thanks to everyone who has been thinking about us and hoping for the best – I think we are getting it right here and now.  If this will help Addie, then I want to do what I can and use what is available to me.  I feel so positive about all of this, like this could really help her and us.  Nothing like good news to start off the week!


2 thoughts on “Day 72: good news for Addie!

  1. This is wonderful news Rachel, and you have one very relieved Grandma here. Take advantage of all the resources available. I’m sure the professionals won’t give her more than she can handle, and I think the socialization will be wonderful for her, not to mention a break for you!

  2. What great news!! I’m so happy that those resources are available for you and Addie. I’m sure that she will thrive in these new environments. Sounds like you have some really good people available to work with her. Best wishes are coming your way.

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