Day 76-77: school, sushi, and sea life…

Confused by the title?  So was I when I tried to think of some catchy way to explain the past two days.  It’s been busy, eventful, exciting, scary, and adventurous.  So let’s get started:

1)  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Did you wear your green today?  I love all holidays, so of course we wore our green and wished each other a little good luck today.  I meant to make some green shamrock sugar cookies, but time just got the best of me.

2)  The girls and I drove down to the Sea Life Aquarium in Jesolo, about 1.5 hours from here.  I had never been to the aquarium or Jesolo, but it was something fun to try with our kids, and I’m always up for a short trip.  The aquarium was a little more pricey than I like, but the kids loved it.  So many different kinds of fish and sea life, and the tanks and exhibits were large and interactive.  So many of the tanks could be crawled or walked under, and the aquarium even had sharks and a small indoor playground for the kids.  We took in a gourmet lunch next door, aka McDonald’s.  It’s so funny how much more the kids appreciate something like McDonald’s now that we do not drive by one every day.  We hardly ever get food from there since I’m too lazy to drive to one and it is more expensive then in the states.  Best of all, the girls did great during the drive.  They usually do well until the last twenty minutes of a trip, but I did not even hear a peep out of them both there and back.  That meant that I had a good 3 hours of my music playlist, which always put me in a better mood.  🙂

3)  Addie and I went to her big meeting with the early development clinic.  It was a long sit down with two of the three therapists in which we discussed Addie’s areas of development that they would like to focus on.  She is significantly behind in speech and was deemed to have some sensory processing issues.  They would also like to work on some of her behaviors that concern me.  What I was really glad to hear is that all of these are probably very connected with one another.  For example, Addie has a hard time dealing with a lot of stimulation.  She becomes frustrated, but she cannot express to me that she is frustrated except for whining and throwing a fit.  Because I do not understand this, she becomes even more frustrated.  This leads to even less comprehension for both her and I, which only makes the situation worse.  By working on the sensory processing, they hope to be able to focus more on her communication and speech.  

We developed an IFSP or a learning plan for the next five months with goals and target points in her development that we hope she will reach.  This can always be changed if necessary, but this is a legal document that can be used to implement services for Addie is we were to be moved.  In the fall, Addie will start at a special preschool at the base school.  We will start a new plan with the school and will be actively involved in all of this.  Andy is more than ready to be here to be involved as well.  It is all very overwhelming and such a blessing for Addie.  I’m grateful to have the help here, but it is also scary.  I keep trying to focus on just a little at a time.  We did the meeting, she will start therapy next week, and we will just take it week by week to monitor her progress.  I cannot allow myself to think of what it will be like in five months, a year, or longer.  We just need to focus on right now.

4) Friday night, I had the girls at the CDC for one of my free childcare nights or Give Parents a Break.  I have to say I do not love deployments, but I do love some of the free perks I can take advantage of.  I went out with Erin and her friends.  We were originally planning on an Italian restaurant, but the chef only cooks two nights a week there and this week, he was not cooking on Friday night.  That is Italy for you.  Our back-up plan was sushi, which was just as good an idea if not better.  I have not had sushi since moving here, and it was amazing.  I think my new favorite one is tatamaki, the one I ordered last night after Erin’s friend Sherry recommended it.  Again, amazing!  I’m so glad I have those nights to spend around just adults and to enjoy some delicious food without worrying about entertaining kids or if the restaurant will serve milk.  A big grazie to my dinner company last night! 

5)  I have come to realize that no matter how hard I try to plan better and to allocate time for studying, I will always be just a little behind schedule.  Not necessarily late but never ahead.  I’m slowly learning that it’s okay.  I have so many things going on right now, and finishing my master’s is definitely a priority.  However, others things are a bigger priority.  It’s just about doing the best I can.  That’s another thing I’m learning, that all I can do is the best I possibly can – and that is okay.

I have been laying awake at night thinking about all the things happening in our lives and stressing about them.  I wish I was not such a worrier – it would make my life a lot easier.  As I keep saying, all I can do is my best.  I should be okay with this and know that this is perfectly acceptable.  I cannot be perfect, on time, flexible, or even happy all the time.  It is just important to do the best I can for myself, my family, and my life with each day and hope to do the same the next day.  So tonight, I am patting myself on the back for making a successful and relatively painless trip, telling myself it is okay to leave the mess for tomorrow, and relaxing in my bed to think about my husband.  Tomorrow is yet another day. 


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