Day 97: Sh*t my kids say

Andy is reading the book, “Sh*t My Dad Says” and has found it hilarious.  He has been quoting funny parts from the book, and I think I could write an entire book of the funny things that my kids say.  Actually, this concept is popular, and many books and articles have been written on this subject.  However, my kids come up with some pretty good ones – especially Lorelei.  Here was just today:

“Mom, I love you so much.  And I love Daddy.  And Germany.”

“You have a big butt.  Because you are big…and because you eat chocolate.  I think I’ll have a big butt someday too.”

Seriously, those are direct quotes from today only.  Beyond that, we had a moment in the bathroom the other day where Lorelei pointed out that it smelled “disgusting” in there.  Anya asked why grown-ups drink wine…behind someone at the store buying several bottles of wine.  Addie is mostly incoherent, but she randomly yells out “poop!” now that we have learned to avoid stepping in those piles in the yard.

I think while embarrassing, the funny sh*t kids say is more than just humorous.  It is honest – blunt, unashamed honesty.  I may not want to answer every question that comes up or may want to cringe when they say something inappropriate in public, but that is the beauty in youth.  You are unafraid to ask, to question, to wonder about the world and the whos and whys present in it.  And let’s face it, some of those questions are pretty funny.  So next time your child asks why you are allowed to curse when they aren’t, in front of their teacher,  remember that they are being nothing but honest.  And you have some great stories to tell them later in life.  🙂


One thought on “Day 97: Sh*t my kids say

  1. I remember the time we were in Scotland with our kids and Kelly, who was eight at the time, shouted out for all to hear —- “Mom — why is that man wearing a skirt?” We were embarrassed and so was he but you are right — they are just being honest.

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