Day 119: it’s a beautiful day…

I think I’ve mentioned that it has been raining here almost every day for the entirety of April.  I don’t mind a little rain or a good thunderstorm every now and then.  We lived near Tacoma, Washington for almost 3 years, and I never minded living with the gray haze and drizzle that is common there.  The rain here has been awful though, with major downpours and even hail – why is it that every time we get hail here, I just want to run out and cover my car?  But the past few days here have been rain-free, and today was simply gorgeous.  At least 80°F by 11:00 am with a light breeze and plenty of sunshine.  I saw the sunlight streaming through my windows this morning and knew that the kids and I were going to be outside all day.

I had to cut the grass, and this morning I had a helper.  I always make the kids help me pick up all the toys and to be my “poop spotters” as I grudgingly pick up Emma’s piles of waste.  Addie decided to help me push the lawnmower today – and she actually pushed it.  She last a good 10 minutes, which is longer than I lasted the first time I ever had to cut the grass, and I was 12 years old.  After I finished cutting the grass, edging the yard, and sweeping up all the dirt and grass off the walkways, I busted out the hose.  We have one faucet to attach a garden hose in our spider-infested water heater closet, and the faucet leaks while you’re running the water.  Italy  🙂  Anyways, we were able to clean off all the dirt flung around by Emma’s digging and to spray away the cobwebs and dust off all the patio furniture.

The kids wanted to run in the sprinkler.  At first, I thought that was madness – it’s only April!  But I let them do it after lunches outside, and rightly so since it just got hotter and hotter this afternoon.  I always thought running in the sprinkler was the best thing when I was younger, and I’m glad to see how much my kids appreciate it too.  They got wet, would “lay out” to dry off, then do it all over again.  They had juice boxes and lawn chairs; the only thing missing was popsicles, and today would have felt like summer.  When I could feel my own shoulders starting to burn off the sunscreen, we went inside to change and for naps.  All of us took a little rest as the sun seems to make you so sleepy and warm.  After dinner, we took Emma for a short walk in the sunny evening.  Walks are always short with all the girls because Addie refuses a stroller, meaning we spend a lot of the walk trying to get her to stay on the sidewalk and stopping to look at every leaf, butterfly, or stray cat in the neighborhood.  I love how inquisitive she is though, so I don’t want to quash it either.  Needless to say, a walk around our block took over 20 minutes – just in time to head home for baths, lotion over the pink shoulders and cheeks from the sun, books, watching Justin Bieber music videos, and bedtime on clean, sun-dried sheets.

I often dread whole weekends with nowhere to go, simply because I have to fill the time in some way.  But when the weather is beautiful and we have enough toys and food to entertain us here, we can have a fantastic day here.  All we needed was a little sun, some creativity, and time.  I can honestly say that today was a wonderful day – and I do not often say that.  Summer is just around the corner, and I cannot wait to have more days like this.  Now I will go apply more lotion to my shoulders, which did get burned today.  Regardless, I’m still smiling.  🙂


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