Day 124: one year!

Today marks one year of living here in Italy!  I was thinking of how long that day was – traveling for 18+ hours with three kids and a dog in cargo, struggling with jet lag while trying to meet new people and figure out our Italian hotel that would be our temporary home, and finding food and necessities in an Italian town with no car.  We all crashed in our hotel that afternoon, since we started traveling the morning before in the states.  I woke up and wandered around town, found an ATM to get my first Euro, walked to a grocery store and guessed my way through Italian labels and conversation with people, and found a restaurant to get some pizza and pasta to take back to the family still asleep at the hotel.  It was exhausting and exciting at the same time!  This was taken in our first week here:

A lot has happened in a year, and we have experienced some great moments as well as not so great.  I hate to admit that Italy has lost some of its original luster to me, but I think this is true of any station we have lived.  However, we have done a full year here, have traveled a little and explored as much as our budget and Andy’s schedule will allow, we have become involved with people and the military community here, and we have even picked up a little Italian.  Anya loves her school, Lorelei is thriving at her school, and after taking Addie to see her preschool room for next year, I am so excited for more of the opportunities available for my kids here.  We have even more plans for the next year, or until Andy leaves again.  😦  We have two years left, and we plan to make the most of them.

So today, I took a little time to really look at my home, my neighbors, my town, the roads I drove on, and the people I encountered here.  Italy has its charms and its inconveniences, but it is a special place.  As I constantly say, I may not always love it, and I miss America, family, and friends there like crazy.  But this is a great opportunity to see Italy and as much of Europe as we can afford.  Only two more years left to do just that….I cannot wait for France this summer.  🙂


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