Day 125-126: we’re going to the beach! :)

The title is kind of an inside joke – we have a friend that used to say something like this whenever he would imbibe a little too much.  He would hop on his jet-ski (in his garage, mind you) and yell “We’re going to the lake!”  It was too funny and it never got old.  I was driving to the beach with the girls today, and I kept thinking about that.  I even yelled in the car, “We’re going to beach!” to which the girls thought their mom had gone mad. 

I love the beach.  Everything about it – the air, the warm sun, the feeling of sand in your toes, watching the girls play in the sand and the water.  Andy is not as big a fan, but I think that has more to do with the crowds than anything else.  I wanted to take advantage of the early part of the season as well as the sun that is lacking here in our town, since the forecast for us said rain today.  I also wanted to try and throw Addie into some free sensory therapy.  All that sand and the water – so much stimulation!  So off we went to Lignano Sabbiadoro, about an hour away from us.  I usually cringe when trying to things like this on my own – trying to keep track of 3 kids at a large beach and a sea is tricky, and that is not even factoring in the wildness of Addie.  But I refuse to sit here and do nothing just because my husband is gone, and I knew the girls would love going to the beach.

We had so much fun!  I think all the therapy with Addie is working, because she did awesome today.  She was afraid of the sand at first, but I refused to pick her up, so she had to walk in it.  Within an hour, she was throwing sand and digging with her sisters.  We even got her to go in the water.  The plan was to just put our feet in and to look for shells, since it isn’t that warm yet; Addie jumped right in, clothes and all.  I loved it!  We found parking right off the beach and quickly found a snack bar next to a small play area with a trampoline and swing set.  Between those, the sand toys, and the water, all the girls had plenty to do.  We ate lunch, met some friends, and drove home with some sleepy but happy children.

A few things I can remark on from today:

1)  I may not have a lot of friends here, but I have some great ones.  Today, I had one burying my daughter in the sand over and over again, and I had those who were willing to listen to my children and to play with them.  Did I mention that none of them have children themselves?  They are awesome, and it makes me feel so much better to have some great people around me and my children.

2)  I am not an outdoor person by any means.  I am so a beach person.  🙂

3)  There is nothing like watching your child run in the sand.  The same child who wouldn’t touch it about 2 months ago.  There is also nothing like watching your children play with other children who do not speak the same language.  There is some universal kid code of play; they do not have to understand one another, and it doesn’t matter.  They can just play together and cooperate without it.  It’s refreshing, really.

4)  I want my old skin back.  The skin  I had while working at a water park during the summer, the skin that would tan and freckle, not burn.  For some reason, I will randomly get a sun rash on one part of my body, no matter how much sunscreen I put on, and today it was my left arm.  If only I had appreciated my body more when I had the chance…

Enjoy our pics, for I’m sure they are the first of many to come.  I plan on spending plenty of time on the beach this summer, and we have many of them available here to us.  It was a wonderful Saturday!


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