Day 141-144: latest obsessions

I did it again – gone too long from writing, right?  I think I should just lower my expectations for writing every day.  Let’s face it, I have a lot going on here.  I’m trying to make this blog a priority but something gets in the way (today, it is allergies and trying some different activities with Addie).  So I’m going to shoot for every day but not be too disappointed if it doesn’t happen that way!  I just have so many other things pulling me away…which leads to my list of latest obsessions.  Some are obligations, some are just for enjoyment, and some are plain distracting.  They are:

– A Song of Fire and Ice series:  otherwise known as The Game of Thrones books.  That started with the show also.  Andy had watched it, then made me watch it, and I was hooked after the first episode.  Someone mentioned that the books the series was based on were good.  I love reading the book based on a film or show, either before or after I have seen it, so of course I bought the first book and started it.  I am in love with this series!  It is so unlike what I usually like, all fantasy and a little science fiction too.  They are long books, each of them at least 700 pages.  I don’t know what it is about them, but I love them.  When I read them, I cannot put them down.  It reminds me of why I love books so much, the way I am pulled into them and feel like I am escaping into that world (although the world in those books can be pretty cruel).

– The Vampire Diaries:  someone mentioned this show to me awhile ago, then another person dropped a hint, then another…you get the picture.  Then iTunes had the pilot episode for free, so I watched it on my iPad.  I’m now about to start season two.  Ah, yet another show I am now sucked into!  But I cannot help myself.  And the beauty in catching on to a show when it’s already been through a few seasons is that I do not have to wait to see another episode (a good friend pointed that out to me).

 – Gelato:  I know, really?  I’ve been living in Italy for over a year, and just now we are getting obsessed?  We enjoyed it a lot when we first moved here, since it was so new to us.  Then we took a little break from it, and winter came when it seems to cold to even think about frozen desserts.  We have been making trips to the gelato shop here in our little town and the others around us more frequently as of late.  The weather is warmer, the girls love it, and it is pretty cheap.  Did I mention that it tastes amazing?  The girls love ciocollato/chocolate, but my favorite is always menta/mint or fragola/strawberry.  It’s not too great for you either, which leads me to…

– Gym:  I have been getting back to the gym more, which I love.  Addie is finally starting to behave a little better there, and I feel so much better when I go and sweat a little.  I have decided to focus less on losing or even staying at a certain weight and more on being strong.  I like the idea of being strong – not crazy body-builder strong, just fit and feeling like I am strong (I cannot think of any other way to say that!).  It’s a good example for the girls as well to live a healthy lifestyle.  And I do have to find some way to burn off that gelato.

– Playdough:  yep, we are obsessed with it here.  It’s our go-to play right now, with the exception of anything outside when it is not raining.  I took an old popcorn tin, painted it pink and yellow, then put so many colors of Playdough and types of tool in there that the girls could be busy for hours.  I find myself having fun playing with it too.  We squish and roll dough, we make funny shapes, we pretend to eat pizzas and cookies and waffles (we have a cool waffle press).  It’s simple and relaxing, it’s great for Addie with her sensory therapy, and it makes us all happy.

– Schoolwork:  Business Ethics is kicking my butt.  Combine that with all the above distractions, and you can see how overwhelmed I feel.  It is an interesting class though.  We are studying some theories and history that is intriguing to me, so at least it is keeping my interest.  Finish this class, two more, a thesis and huge exam is all that is left of my college career.  If I ever say I want to get even more degrees, I give you permission to slap me.

So now I am off to do a little schoolwork, drink some tea for my horrible, allergy-attacked throat, and to read a little.  Until next time, my friends…


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