Day 157-162: we slept through another one!

Another earthquake!  This one was much closer to us, yet my kids and I slept through it – again!  So many of our friends here felt it, and my friend’s Italian neighbor heard that Claut, the town where Andy plays hockey, was destroyed.  I am really starting to wonder how I can sleep through so much noise, and it worries me a little with Andy gone.  Am I just conditioned to wake up to children now?  🙂  Do not worry, we are fine and our little town is as well.

What is new for us, since I never write anymore?  Anya and Lorelei have their last day of school this week.  Anya is very happy to have the summer off, even though she is going to the summer enrichment program offered free by the school and will attend summer camp for Girl Scouts.  Lorelei is actually a little sad to have the summer off, which shows how much she loves her school.  She will also be busy with summer ballet in July.  We will still be busy this summer with those activities and with all of Addie’s therapy sessions, but I am looking forward to having a little extra time to sleep in (if the girls will let me) and for the free time for the beach, pool, spending time with friends and family visitors, and traveling.  The girls are so excited for Paris in July, and we are planning to see parts of Germany with my sister and brother-in-law in August.  I myself do not get the summer off for school, but that’s okay.

The best part of summer is getting Andy back – it’s coming up!  His date has changed again and again for his journey back here, but he now has his itinerary and should be back to us sometime in the first week of July.  The girls have stopped believing me that their dad will be home soon, since I have been saying this for nearly a month now.  But they do realize that when June is up, their dad should either be home or should be coming home.  They are all ready, and so are Andy and I.

Nothing really new to report.  I attended a Jersey Shore-themed party at our friends’ house.  They will be moving next month, which will be sad for us, but they are on to a great assignment next.  Anyways, the party was great!  I had to research for this, since I really don’t watch the show.  I made some party-appropriate food (fried pickles, meatballs, and an “apology cake” from Season 5) and donned an animal-print, short skirt costume.  It was great to welcome a friend home and to celebrate with everyone!  I left the kids with a babysitter – they love her!  They were practically pushing me out the door this time.  It is so nice to finally find some sitters whom I can trust and whom my kids love.  Addie will start more speech therapy this month, which I am looking forward to.  I think she and I are both trying to relish the summer at the EDIS clinic here, since Addie will transition to the school in the fall.  We love the people at the clinic and have felt really lucky to be working with all of them.

And another busy week begins for us…although busy is making the days fly by.  Until next time!


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