Day 163-172: I suck at blogging

When your own husband, who is deployed to another country, points out that you are not writing in your blog, you know that you are neglecting it.  I am a huge procrastinator and even though I intend to write after the girls go to sleep, I usually end up busy or falling asleep on my computer, which happened last night and is by no means comfortable.  So I am finally here, to give you a well-deserved update:

 – Our dog Emma had her birthday.  We celebrate her birthday properly in this house and always have.  For her 5th birthday (35 in dog years), she received a new Kong toy.  If you have a lab or any other dog that can chew through all toys, these are the best toys to get them.  Emma has a large Kong that has lasted almost 4 years!  We also made her our customary dog food birthday cake.  I just take a canned dog food, the good stuff, and spread it into a small cake pan.  Then we write her age in ketchup – last year, we found out that Emma does not like mustard.  We sing “Happy Birthday” to her and everything.  She is a part of this family, and her birthday is always a big deal around here.  Happy Birthday Emma!

– School’s….out…for…summer!  I never get tired of that song.  So far, we have spent summer break being sick (me, and I was awful sick!), getting to appointments (Addie), and some fun stuff this week.  This is the last week that Addie is at the CDC, but it is also the last week that Anya and Lorelei do not have anything going on for most of the summer.  Therefore, I declared this a fun week with my older girls.  We have been to the beach, went bowling, got haircuts, and eaten out.  Tomorrow, we are getting pedicures and going to the library, and on Friday we are going to the pool, weather permitting.  We had a great time at the beach, and it was great to be able to relax a little instead of worrying about Addie the whole time.  Side note:  I love the beach.  It is so peaceful there, feet digging in the sand and watching my kids play together in the water.  Lorelei asked where the water ends…I love that question.  Anyways, I cannot wait to see how Lorelei does getting her first pedicure tomorrow.  Fun week has been exactly what it’s name suggests.  🙂

– Addie is doing really well with all her therapy.  Every time we meet with one of her amazing therapists, I see how much progress she has made.  She is more clear and focused in her speech.  She is able to sit and work, and she follows directions really well.  Even more, her therapists have observed her at the CDC and remarked at how she thrives there, fitting right in with the other kids and following directions.  She was even mad today when I picked her up from there because she wanted to stay and finish her art project – this coming from the kid who 4 months ago wouldn’t sit to even color a picture!  This shows how wonderful school is going to be for her in the fall.  I have felt more pride at this growth, and it’s all changes I can see happening.  Again, we feel so blessed for the help and therapists here!  And guess who turns 3 years old on Saturday?  🙂

– it is freaking hot here!  Yes, I just wrote that because I feel like there is no other way to describe it.  I welcome the sunshine and heat for most of the day, but I do not love my Italian air-conditioner!  On the positive side, it really is summer now, and I love summer.  Who doesn’t?  I love the excuse of popsicles and gelato.  I love summer dresses and the bright colors for this season.  I laying out in my backyard while my kids run through the sprinkler and the flashback I get to the days of my youth while doing this.  I love iced tea (or iced green tea, for me), sunlight at 8 p.m ., and riding around with my windows down and music blasting.  I cannot help but smile and be happy when the sun is shining, it is warm, and we can relax a little.  While I wish I was working here, at least I can still enjoy the summer with my kids.  And enjoy it we shall…

– my husband will be home in around 2 weeks.  YES!  This has felt like the longest deployment.  The girls and I are so excited – this might explain the constant smiling too, now that I think about it.  While he still misses Father’s Day, Emma, Addie, and his birthdays, and probably our anniversary, we could care less.  He is coming home safe and soon.  We plan to not let him out of our sight for awhile (okay, he may have to go to work or pee every now and then).  I’ll be sure to let you know when he gets here but for now, just know it is getting closer and closer!

–  50 Shades of Grey – thoughts?  I read about so many of my friends reading this trilogy, and I had to know what this was all about.  I read all three over my sick weekend, and I don’t know how I feel about it.  Erotic?  Holy shit.  Well written?  Not so much, especially the third book.  Storyline?  It drew me in with the first book, but I felt like it became more and more unrealistic and disconnected during the second and third books.  Any thoughts?  I’m still confused as to why the books are so popular. I’m have continued reading the George R.R. Martin series and am currently on the fifth book.  I still spend most of my time reading textbooks, but I like reading regular books at the gym and at night to mix it up.

And now I must get back to schoolwork.  I was able to get a week extension on a paper, since I could not sit upright last weekend.  I must get it done!  I hope you all are enjoying your warmer temperatures and the people around you, no matter where you are.  I’m still learning to enjoy what is present today, and lately that has been very fulfilling.  Buena notte!


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