Day 179-181: not Tom and Katie!

I happened to read that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were getting divorced – yet another celebrity couple who is splitting up – and even though I am not involved in their marriage or their life, nor do I really lose sleep over their lives period, I found myself feeling sad about it.  I obviously do not know this couple personally nor do I feel any strong connection to their careers.  But it is yet another marriage ending and another family divided, which I find incredibly sad.

On the other hand, it made me so grateful for my own husband and family.  I look at these celebrity couples, and the media often portrays their lives so glamorously.  It appears that money and fame can make life so much easier.  I will concede that not having to worry about money might alleviate one’s stress.  However, these couples have the same issues and problems that all of us do.  They are insecure and unhappy; they have children, families, and careers that they must manage.  Life may be on a different scope for them, but life is still a challenge.  They can be just as happy as you or I, but they can also be just as miserable.  At the end of the day, I know that I have found someone who is perfect for me.  We do not have wealth or power, and we probably never will.  I am more famously known as “_______(insert child’s name here)’s Mom” than as a celebrity.  Life can be tedious and frustrating, but no matter what, I am beyond happy to be living it with this man.

My wonderful husband comes back home to us in 4 agonizingly long days, and I cannot wait to just live life with him again.    I’ll take takeout pizza with him and the kids over a glamorous red carpet any day because I know that as long as I am married to him, life could not get any better.  Cheesy, yes, but no less true.  I married him for life and took that very seriously, and nothing would make me happier than to live all my days as his wife.

Now hurry up to Tuesday!  🙂



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