Day 185-191: so your husband comes back…

…and you find yourself selfishly trying to squeeze in every moment of every day with him, so much that you forget about anything else.  I think this is finally an occasion that calls for procrastination, putting off things for another day, or to abandon all hope of doing anything else.  I am thoroughly enjoying the time with him and our children.  It’s even better when I can say, “Just wait until we tell your dad what you did” and to know that I can tell him immediately.  In case you think I’m joking, this has happened three times already.  🙂

So Tuesday came along, the big day.  I spent all morning getting myself and the girls ready for my “friend.”  Anya asked why I was so worried about looking nice for a friend of mine, and there was a little suspicion as to why my “friend” was coming so suddenly, but I was able to dash them away.  We went to the airport and waited…and waited…and waited.  The girls were so patient, reading books and playing with a Swedish boy they befriended (that’s what I love about kids.  They understand each other in some universal, non-speaking way).  Finally, I spotted a familiar face and took the girls over to greet him.  I told them, “Oh, so my friend isn’t coming to visit.  But look who is here?” and pointed to Andy.  They stared for a few seconds in shock, then Addie shouted, “Daddy!” and they ran into his arms.  It was perfect.  Here is the only picture I was able to take, but it is a good one:

Right now, we are still in adjustment phase – for those of you who have experienced a long separation, you can understand.  Andy is trying to fit back into the parent role, to become acclimated to life away from a combat zone, and to get back into normal sleeping/waking hours.  He wasn’t just away on business or on a trip.  He came home from a war, and that comes with its own challenges.  He is anxious and exhausted, but at least he is vocal about how he is feeling and with what he needs.  I am trying to remember despite this, I have my partner back, someone to tackle all the daily struggles and triumphs with; I am also trying to be understanding of how much of an adjustment this is for all five of us.  Regardless, we are all so happy to be back together.  A friend of mine told me today that I sound so much happier, and I really am.  I love waking up next to him.  I love having him cook dinner for a change or joking about how I don’t have to cut the grass anymore, even though I probably still will.  Even though I protest, I love how he teases me and the way he makes the girls giggle with his wonderful immaturity.  Even when he is at work, I love knowing that he is coming home to us at night and will be home with us for a little while at least.  I love this man and love it even more when I know he is safe and sound with his family.

He already told me to keep writing this even though he is home, so I will continue to write as much as I can.  I think he likes peeking into my thoughts, even though I feel like I tell him everything.  But for now, I am off to bed, hoping to snuggle up tonight with my husband.  I will never grow tired of that.  🙂


One thought on “Day 185-191: so your husband comes back…

  1. Rachael….I have been following your blog since your husband has left and never have commented….I am a friend of your mother in laws…we met through a scrapbooking retreat….love her! I just want u to know I have looked forward to reading your posts and have been cheering u on….and couldnt wait for Andy’s return for u and your children….
    I think u r an amazing woman….and I don’t even know u….I am a mother of 2 young children….not as young as yours and I am tired!!!!! I relate to your frustrations with that ……but u r a wonderful mother!
    I won’t ramble on…I just wanted to comment on how happy I am that your family is back together…my prayers have been with your husband while in Afganistan and your family as well…..keep up the blogging…I do look forward to reading them!
    God Bless….Brenda Grouwinkel

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