Goodbye countdown (for now)

Hello my faithful friends and family.  Yes, it has been over 2 weeks since I wrote on here.  Do you want a running list of all my excuses?  I promise, they are all very genuine and can be verified by those who live with me.  🙂  Life has been crazy busy but also crazy good, so I cannot complain.

I decided to stop doing the daily countdown for a few reasons.  The most important reason is that the girls and I are no longer counting days until my husband is home – he is here and will be for awhile (with the exception of the usual and frequent TDYs).  Also, the numbers keep making it very obvious how often I do NOT write on here, and I do not like feeling any additional guilt.  Finally, it is just easier to not keep up with the numbers!

We have been busy traveling (a separate post on our trip to Paris will be up soon) and making plans for more travels soon.  We are back into the swing of life here with ballet, soccer sign ups, Girl Scouts, work, and getting ready for the school year.  I am on my second to last class of my master’s degree, and the last ones are slowly draining me of any desire for higher education.  Andy pointed out that I used to love school; now, not so much.  We are always busy, running all over base and Italy.  We also received some news recently that has made it a little crazier here – my husband’s unit will be closing here, so we will be moving out of Italy much earlier than expected.  No news yet on where we will be moving to or exactly when, but it’s about 95% certain to happen (the military is never 100% until it actually happens – or at least, that’s how I’ve learned to think of it).  This forced us to think not only of where we would hope to live but of all the things we wish to do before we leave here, especially if we leave Europe entirely.  I promise, I’ll keep things updated but do not hold your breath – it could be awhile.

The one thing I can promise is that I will keep writing this blog.  Even if it isn’t everyday (or even every week), I will continue to write here – to keep all of you informed, to continue writing, and hopefully to entertain you once in awhile.  Buona serata!



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