First world problems, my friend












I think this is one of my favorite memes of all time (excluding all the Ryan Gosling memes because those are a whole different class of memes).  What are First World Problems, in case you are not a part of the blogging/Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest realm?  According to, “First World Problems, also known as “White Whine,” are frustrations and complaints that are only experienced by privileged individuals in wealthy countries. It is typically used as a tongue-in-cheek comedic device to make light of trivial inconveniences.”  The site can actually trace the origin of this term to a Canadian rock group named Matthew Good Band’s and their 1995 song “Omissions of the Omen.”  First world problems entered the Urban Dictionary in 2005 as well.  I seriously believe that you can find anything, and I mean anything, on the Internet, and if this information does not prove this, then nothing will.

I stumbled across the above meme again today on Pinterest – I mean, when I was studying, of course – and it was as if the comedic and creativity gods smiled down on me.  I have been having some off days lately, wallowing in my own negativity and feeling like my life is hard.  I know that it isn’t true, that there are millions of people worse off than I am.  When I saw this, I laughed out loud once again and pondered my own First World Problems:

1)  I cannot find our USB drive so I can transfer movies/TV shows onto it to watch on our TV.  Therefore, I am stuck watching regular TV or any of the hundred-odd movies we own in disc form. 

2)  I’ve been craving popcorn all day, but I ate the last bag on Saturday and going to the store is too much work.

3)  I cannot decide how we will travel down to Rome next month – by car, train, or plane.  How does one survive this debacle?

4)  My Birchbox beauty subscription isn’t here yet, and I’m dying for my beauty samples.

5)  My bed is so comfortable that I have great difficulty in wanting to get up and out of it every morning.

6)  The gym is closed this week – guess I’m stuck running the track or using my workout games on the Xbox.

7)  I want my textbook but it is upstairs.  Now I have to get up out of my comfy study spot, go upstairs to get it, and come back down to the same spot.  The humanity!

8)  My husband took our iPad with him for his TDY.  Now all I have is my laptop, my iPhone, my desktop computer….

See how funny that is?  I truly do not have many problems, but it is fun to play the “First World Problems” game.  If anything, it reminds me how ridiculous I can sound when bemoaning my problems (“payday is still 2 days away!”) while reminding me how lucky I actually am.  I think it is easy for everyone to fall into that trap of “Woe is me,” but in truth, my life could be a whole lot worse. 

Now do yourself a favor and go google “First World Problems Memes.”  Guaranteed at least a few laughs.  What are your first world problems?

Buona sera everyone!


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