We’ve been here, we’ve been there…

…at least, that’s how I feel.  We took the last few weeks before school begins to relax and spend time together.  Here are a few highlights from the past couple of weeks:

– Andy received German and Spanish jump wings when he participated in International Jump Week up in Germany.  Spanish, Italian, German, and American airborne personnel all participated during this week.  His first jump with the German airborne went well; his jump with the Spanish airborne did not.  He landed on his butt, on a turnip.  Sounds hilarious, right?  It is, unless you saw the gigantic bruise on his butt and watched him limp around for over a week.  I told him it will be an awesome grandpa story to tell someday!

– We took a short trip up to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, which was about a 5 hour drive.  Our drive took us through Cortina, and various mountain towns in Italy, past Innsbruck, Austria, and into the mountains of Germany; the drive was long, winding, but absolutely gorgeous.  We stayed at the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort, an Army hotel and resort located in the area.  It was fantastic (and I rarely say that about hotels).  We scored a great deal on our room and meals, the service was great, the rooms were clean and comfortable, and the resort was right in the middle of so many activities and sights.  We made all these plans to drive to Innsbruck one day or to do other things, but we ended up staying in the Garmisch area.  We took a cable car up to one of the mountain tops, we took walks to admire the views, and we strolled around the quaint town.  It was so relaxing and just beautiful.  I put a few pictures from our drive and trip here for you to see!

– Andy’s squadron held a beach pt day at Lignano Sabbiadoro, one of the beaches here and my favorite.  Seriously, between the beach, Germany, Tuscany, and Paris, we have been doing a good deal of traveling in the last month!  Anyways, we all went with, bright and early in the morning (I told him that getting up that early sounded a lot better the night before) and drove up as a group.  The weather was hot enough at 8:00 am that the girls could get right in the water to swim, and the guys got right down to pt.  I forgot to grab my camera, but it was pretty interesting to watch, so interesting that many locals stopped to watch them doing crab walks, alligator crawls, somersaults, fireman carries, and other exercises on the sand and in the water.  Once they were all done, everyone was able to stay and play at the beach.  The girls swam, played in the sand, and brought home a ton of it as well.  Here is my fancy Instagram collage from that day: – I am back to walking with Emma!  I have been meaning to get back to it since Andy came home.  Emma needs it, and it doesn’t hurt me to do it either.  I never like to take the same path each time, and I usually like to go across the highway by our house to hike a little bit up the hills to the mountains.  This week, I have been pushing us farther and farther up the hills, and we have also been discovering some of the great trails in our area.  If you know me, you’re probably thinking, “You, in nature?”  I usually think the same thing, but it has been fun to see where each one takes us and finding our way back home.  The other day, we found one that dipped up and down, went over a small but rickety wood bridge, and changed from rocks to mud to gravel with each turn.  I took some pictures on my phone as proof that I too can indulge in nature from time to time.  🙂 – Finally, we have been getting ready for school for everyone.  Anya starts 3rd grade tomorrow, which she is very excited about.  Lorelei and Addie start their preschools the following week.  I think I like back to school shopping even more than the girls do – new backpacks, pencils, folders, paper, and clothes.  I cannot believe that all of the girls will be in school this year! I wish I could say life was going to slow down a little, but with a new school year, it is only going to get more busy.  I look at the September calendar and cannot help but feel excited but overwhelmed as well.  However, it is shaping up to be another great school year for all of us, as I’m sure I will be writing about in the months to come!


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