A new year begins!

I read somewhere that for families, the real beginning of the year is when school starts.  I completely agree with this.  School started for all the girls now, and life has been hectic ever since!  Anya is now in 3rd grade and has started off very well.  We really like her teacher, although she has not had a teacher that we did not like so far.  Addie is in her preschool and doing fantastic – so fantastic that we have already changed her IEP to take off all her occupational/sensory therapy!  Her therapist and teacher say she is incredibly bright and focused, such a change from a year ago.  We are excited for all her changes!  Finally, Lorelei started Sure Start, an all-day preschool at the elementary school as well.  They are all in the same school this year and all riding the bus to school.  Lorelei and Addie even ride the same bus and share a recess together, which they love.  I was a little tearful knowing they are all in school now, but that passed when I realized that for 3 hours, 4 days a week – I am free!  This has not happened in a long time, so I’m planning to use the time wisely, aka intend to study but either sleep or go to the gym.  At least I’m honest, right?

We have Andy’s mom visiting us right now!  She will be here for almost 3 weeks, and we are loving having some family with us.  I love having people visit.  It’s a little stressful to plan things, but I also love showing people our life wherever we live.  In less than a week, she has seen an Italian market, the mushroom festival in local town, Andy’s work, Lorelei’s ballet lesson, and the girls’ school.  Soon, we are headed to Rome and Florence!  I’ll be sure to blog about our adventures there as well.

This is a short post, but I thought I should write something so you all know that we are still alive and well here – busy, but well.  I have my second to last master’s class finishing in a week and my last one finishing in 6 weeks, so I am trying to focus on those…which is what I am supposed to be doing now.  🙂  Have a great week!


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