Good things comes in threes

Despite my husband leaving today for another TDY, I had a great day.  I spent some time with a friend, who also did me a huge favor in watching my children today and making me dinner.  I finally discovered “Gossip Girl” and why everyone loves it – why did I not jump on this trend sooner?  It’s like a shorter version of “Cruel Intentions.”  I had a great day with my girls, who were cooperative.  But I had three extremely good things happen to me today:

1)  I found out that I was accepted for a job today!  Nothing too exciting, just a position at the coffee bar here.  But it is a job, and for that I am extremely grateful.

2)  I also found out that I was accepted as an online tutor, which is a paying position.  I have been trying to get into this program since July.  This would allow me to make a little extra cash while tutoring from my computer, and the extra cash will come in handy for my $42,000+ student loan debt that is coming soon.  I hope to be tutoring in English/Essay Writing.  Might as well put that English degree to good use, right?

3)  Today, Alex Trebek from Jeopardy came to the local area to do a meet-and-greet and for a contest search.  Not only did I meet him, but I also tried out for the show (Sidebar:  he is exactly in person like he is on TV).  Andy had heard about this event almost a month ago and really wanted to try out, but he could not go today since he had to leave.  I went in his place and had an autograph made out to him.  But I also took the first test to be a contestant, and I passed!  I had to go back later today to take another test, and unfortunately I was not accepted for the third round.  Despite that, I was so proud of myself and happy that I did this.  It was very challenging, and I was extremely nervous.  According to Mr. Trebek, many people do not pass the first test as I did (now if he said that to make all of us feel better, I do not know – I’m choosing to believe him!).  The second test is 50 random questions, each from a different category.  I have never felt  more dumb in my entire life, although I know I aced some of them.  I can now say that I have tried out for a game show – wish I could say I made it, but I’ll take what I can get.  It really made me want to try again someday!

For a Tuesday, that is pretty good.  I hope yours was just as great.  If any one of these things had happened to me one day at a time, I would have been happy.  But all in one day!  That makes it fantastic!  Here’s hoping that your Tuesday was awesome, too – and if nothing else, it’s only 22 days until Halloween!



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