A need to write with nothing to write about

I have not written in awhile, and it occurs to me that no one will read your blog if you do not write in it.  Obvious fact, but let’s assume that I’m slow on the uptake for this one.  I am so overwhelmed with finishing my degree/children/life in general, that I find myself with a lack of substantial material to write about.  Therefore, you are the recipients of a blog of random facts.  It helps you learn a little more about me, and it helps me to focus on my own self as well.  I will be 28 years old next week, and I still feel and know that I am learning who I am and what I really want to be.  Blogging random facts and opinions actually helps, even if that does not make any sense to you.  Consider yourselves part of my little experiment and coming of age.

1)  Do not judge me by the time stamp of this blog.  If you are reading this in the states, this seems like reasonable time frame.  Add 7 hours – this is my time zone.  Yes, I have always been and will continue to be a night owl.  I like my alone time at night, especially when Andy is gone.  It can be lonely as well, but I find I am most productive when the house is quiet and no one else is awake.

2)  I miss my English degree.  Before we moved to Italy, I had considered and applied for a Master’s in English degree program.  It would have been impossible to finish overseas, and I fell in love with management while working in that field.  I am so proud to nearly have a master’s degree in management, but lately, I have been yearning for my English degree.   I find myself bored in the master’s classes, but my undergrad courses were always challenging and stimulating.  I know it was not a mistake, but I have been wondering what a master’s degree in English would have been like.

3)  On that same note, I have been drawn back to the books and literature from my youth and my undergrad studies.  A friend of mine asked about my Shakespeare books for her daughter, and I found myself animated and excited just talking about the plays and sonnets.  I cry every time I see the trailer for “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” and am dying to see that movie because that book was a defining novel of my high school life.  I started re-reading The Martian Chronicles even though I have so much reading for class.  I wish I could impress the books and literature that inspired me upon younger kids I know.  My cousin Eric made me a book of plays, poems, and literature when I was 14, a collection of writings that I would have never been exposed to in my catholic school, and it changed my life.  He introduced me to sonnets, Walt Whitman, e.e. cummings, and aspiring artists at his university.  It opened my eyes and mind to the world, and I give him so much credit and gratitude for my love of literature and art today.  I did something similar for my sister several years ago, but I wish I could do that same for someone else now.  Books and plays were my escape and still are today.  Everytime we move, Andy complains about the number for books we take with us, but my goal is to have a huge library of books I have read.  Literature is a part of my identity, and this will never fade from importance.  P.S.  My favorite authors are Fitzgerald, Hemingway, and Plath.  I wrote my undergrad thesis on Anne Sexton and confessional poetry.  Wuthering Heights and Pride and Prejudice have surprisingly become some of my favorites.  I was ridiculously obsessed with Middle Eastern literature. Finally, I own first editions of The Great Gatsby and The Silver Locusts (The Martian Chronicle), and I hope to someday own a first edition of Wuthering Heights and The Bell Jar

4)  I have been listening to the new All Time Low cd on repeat since it came out on October 9 – shamelessly.  This only makes me more sad that I missed their concert in Bologna.  They are touring in the UK this spring – maybe I can convince Andy to combine a London trip with a concert?  I miss concerts and music. 

5)  Paul Wesley is way too good looking.  Don’t judge me, the new season of The Vampire Diaries just started.  Look at this picture – no explanation necessary.  🙂

6)  I am missing my husband like crazy.  He is out of the country this month.  He is missing my birthday and Halloween, again, but these dates do not bother me as much.  I just miss him – miss talking to him without worrying about the phone charges, arguing with him about stupid things, holding him, sleeping in the same bed as him, etc.  I have been with some veteran military wives this week, and I was reminded that this is the life we signed up for, and I need to keep that attitude of, “It’s okay – it’s not a big deal.”  And quite honestly, 3 weeks is nothing compared to months or a year away from us.  Despite my logic, I still miss him an awful lot, and this is probably a good thing.  🙂

7)  October is the best month of the year.  Besides the obvious – my birthday, Halloween, fall weather, and everything pumpkin – it is the month of scary movies and TV.  Andy does not understand why I love scary things to much, and I really cannot explain it either.  I love horror movies, any and all of them.  My favorites are zombies.  I have been anticipating the return of “American Horror Story” and stayed up late just to watch the first episode (then was up later because I was afraid!).  It is one of those things that Andy and I agree to disagree, but I love scary everything!  P.S.  If you need any tips for surviving a zombie apocalypse, I am your woman.  Seriously, Twinkies and all.

8)  I’ve been feeling pretty good about myself this week, or at least my culinary skills.  I made many treats for the squadron fundraiser this week, all of which were well received but especially my pumpkin whoopie pies (I have two different recipes, but apparently both were delicious).  Tonight, I made the blueberry-balsamic salad that Andy loves for Anya’s Girl Scout dinner, and I had so many requests for the recipe.  Someone asked me why I do not sell my goods or make a business out of it, but I think it would be less enjoyable if I were to do it for money.  I love cooking and baking, and I find even more enjoyment when others love my goods.

I think those are enough random facts for you all today – I am still at a loss for writing material.  Good thing I am finishing a marketing paper this week in the midst of a writer’s block, huh?  What are you favorite/most beloved recipes?  Do you have any literature or  art that is nostalgic to you or that you love?  I would love to hear from some of you.  Until next time, buona notte!


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