Wow, I am really terrible at daily blogging.

Seriously, I am.  I have not written in this blog since October.  But since today is January 1, 2013 (yet another year), I figured I should start this ramshackle blog up yet again.  So here are the most recent anecdotes of our humble existence:

– I am gainfully employed once again!  I started a job as a barista in November at a coffee shop here on base, and I have just moved to the operations clerk position at the bowling center/coffee shop here.  My newest position is administrative, so it’s only up from here.  It’s been wonderful yet challenging to be working again.  I love making an income, but there have been adjustments for the family as well.  As Andy said it one day, “I really hate your day job,” meaning my “mom” job that he has had to step up to in my absence.  It makes me feel slightly good about how much I do at home!  I am actively trying to build a resume, and this only helps.

– Speaking of resumes, I have completed all my courses for my master’s in management degree and as of Friday, I have completed my comprehensive exam as well.  If I pass this exam (the grades should be in by Friday of this week), then I will be officially cleared to graduate.  It seems surreal to say that I will have a master’s degree!  I think I am the first in my family to have it before I am 30 years old.  To me and to my family, it is more a testament of my own conviction and determination/stubbornness.  I have wanted an education and despite all the obstacles (babies, marriage, deployments, moving, and family struggles), I have reached my goals.  I try to pretend like it is not a big deal, but it really is.  I promise to upload a picture of my diploma if I pass my exams!

– Andy also made his next rank.  He is now  Tech Sergeant, something he really studied for and tried hard to achieve this year.  With the rank comes more responsibility, and I do not know how he feels about this!  But it is so awesome that he is an E-6 in 10 years!

DSC01322– The girls are all fantastic, but Addie is our shining star at the moment.  Since I have started working, the girls have been back in daycare.  I was worried about the transition, especially since Addie was still adjusting to preschool.  However, she has thrived in both school and daycare.  I give insurmountable thanks to the CDC here for their support and willingness to meet with me and discuss her needs.  She has grown to be so much more independent and intelligent in such a short amount of time.  Her speech is still behind developmental standards, but she has become so well-mannered and well-adjusted. 

All three of my girls are beautiful, smart, and growing entirely too fast.  Anya will be 9 years old soon and reads more than I think I did at her age. Lorelei is becoming a beautiful ballerina, and Addie is so smart is actually scares me at times.  The time has gone by so quickly at times that I wonder how it is we have come to this point.

DSC01269– We went back to Barcelona, but we took my sister and brother-in-law with this time!  They visited for 10 days over Thanksgiving, and we took advantage of the cheap airfare/hotels to take them to my favorite city.  We had an amazing time!  Andy did not enjoy this city as much I did, but I’m still glad I was able to show him the Sagrada Familia and the market on Las Ramblas.  The bonus was spending the time with my family, whom I always miss more than I can express in words on this blog.

      Nothing of extreme importance comes to mind at this point, so I figure I should put my New Year’s resolutions in print (for accountability, of course.  You few readers must hold me to these resolutions):

1)  Lose 5 pounds.  I feel this a reasonable task and nearly everyone can afford to lose 5 pounds.

2)  Finish Anna Karenina.  I say this every year.  But now that I have finished with school (hopefully), I should have more time to accomplish this.

3)  Write in my blog more than once a month.  Let’s keep it manageable.

4)  Write.  Write some more.  Remember why you love to write, then write again. 

5)  Travel as much as feasible.  See things I thought I might not care about.  Take pictures of everything, even if it seems obnoxious.  Be an ignorant tourist because God knows if you will come back to that place you are visiting.  Explore and focus more on the opportunity of living in Europe and less on the inconveniences/struggles of living here.

6)  Make the best of the next assignment.  It’s coming soon, and regardless of where it is, I hope to enjoy it.


Happy New Year everyone!  Here’s to reading about me and the family more….hopefully  🙂


One thought on “Wow, I am really terrible at daily blogging.

  1. Hi Rachel,

    Well, my New Year’s resolution is to be better about reading your posts, so thanks for the wonderful updates about you, Andy, and the girls. I assume by now you have your master’s degree so am sending my congrats. Congrats also to Andy on his new rank. Hope Anya’s belated birthday gift has arrived by now. Katy shared with me their picture with reindeer headbands – loved it! Love to all of you … miss you … Aunt K

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