And the procrastination continues

Remember last month when I wrote about how awful I was at committing to my blog?  And how I was going to be more diligent?  Well, I failed already since it is February 5, and this will be my second post for the year.  I like to believe that when you love someone or something, you accept the person or thing as a whole – flaws and all.  My biggest flaw is my procrastination, especially with writing.  I truly do not know how I managed a master’s degree when I procrastinate on every paper.

Oh, did I not mention that I am graduating?  I did pass that comprehensive exam and will be receiving my diploma within a month.  While I wish I could attend my own graduation this spring, I am more than content on receiving my diploma and hanging it on the wall next to the others.  I have joked that I am going to carry it around with me for the first few days to show it off – is that too arrogant?  I am just beyond happy and relieved to have completed my master’s degree.  It feels amazing to have proof of my hard work, intelligence, and success.  It has also taken me a long time to finally admit that this degree is, in fact, a big deal.  I tend to underscore all my own achievements, but Andy has convinced me to embrace this and brag a little!

Besides the end of my academic career, life has been busy but normal.  We spend a lot of weekdays and weekends doing typical kid things – birthday parties, school activities, sports, meetings, and homework.  A few important events have happened though:

Anya and her friends at her 9th birthday party
Anya and her friends at her 9th birthday party

– Anya had her 9th birthday!  It seems impossible that I have a 9 year old child, but it’s true.  We took her to dinner at one of her favorite restaurants on her birthday, and she also had a birthday party at the bowling center here.

– Addie had surgery recently.  She had her tonsils and adenoids removed, and she also had tubes placed in her ears.  We are hoping that all of these procedures will help her with her speech development and her suspected sleep apnea.  Andy and I have always joked that one of our kids would end up with our ENT problems, and Addie is the one!  She did so well during her surgery and through recovery.  She loves the doctor and the hospital, so she was more than happy to go into the pre-op rooms.  The nurses were laughing at how eager she was to get into the bed!

– Anya and I went to the Carnevale di Venezia, or Venice Carnivale.  This world-famous festival is held before Lent.  She had her face painted and wore a mask as we ate food, listened to music, saw street performers, and took in the whole atmosphere of Carnevale.  It was great and even better to experience this event while we are still here.

Costumes everywhere!
Costumes everywhere!


Ah, Venice
Ah, Venice
Riding the vaporetto, or water bus
Riding the vaporetto, or water bus

















Besides all this, we are as normal as you can be while living in Italy.  We know that our time here is growing shorter and shorter, so hope to be traveling and loving life in Europe while we can.  Who knows where we will be next?  Until next time, which I hope is sooner rather than later.


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