Hello love

Is the title confusing?  I blame it on “Bridget Jones’s Diary,” since I am watching it right now again for the millionth time.  Do you have any books/movies/music that you can watch or listen to over and over, yet they never seem to get old or lose interest to you?  I have so many of those, and this is one of them.  I always watch it or read the book while Andy is gone.  In case you didn’t deduce it yet, I’m watching the movie again.

So it has been a ridiculous amount of time since I have written.  A lot has happened (the understatement of the year). First of all, I am writing you from our new home in Germany.  We have recently PCS’ed or moved to Vilseck, Germany.  For those of you not friendly with military lingo, this means “Permanent Change of Station” or moving to your next home.  This was our 6th PCS together – 6 in 11 years!  This is actually rare in the military now.  They move people less frequently, but I guess we are lucky :).  We have a house (pictures to come soon) and a new neighborhood, schools, squadron, and community.  This is a very rural area, which I am not used to.  I like cities and lots of people, so Vilseck is a definite change of pace for me.  However, our neighborhood is full of kids and playgrounds, we have so many friends within walking distance of us, and the scenery is beautiful.  It rains a lot on and off here, but I think I became used to that from the Tacoma area when we lived there, so I’m not as bothered by it.

This move took up most of our summer.  We were able to get a few trips in to Cinque Terre and Parco Zoo Natura Viva in Verona.  We made the extremely long drive up to Germany on August 31.  I hate driving, and we took two cars up here (Andy recently bought a new BMW, so both Martina and Bettie the BMW had to make the haul up here), so I was a wreck.  It took every bit of 10 hours with traffic and everything, but we finally made it.  Getting acclimated and settled here has been easier yet just as frustrating as Italy was.  I still end up speaking Italian to people, which is funny since I did not think I knew much Italian to begin with.  German is a hard language, and driving here is very strict, but other than that, I think we are going to like it here.  The girls have adjusted well and love their school.  I was so worried about Lorelei and kindergarten, and she did fabulously!  It’s funny that more people speak English here, yet I’m more determined to learn German than I was Italian.

So I think that catches you all up for now.  I promise to write more and keep you updated on our NEW adventures in Germany!


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