Tales from a 4th grade sleepover

So Anya is having her birthday sleepover.  She wanted a spa theme, which is actually simple when you already have three girly-girls living with you (and you happen to be one yourself).  I decorated the house, assembled various beauty products, bought makeup and eye masks to take home, and made some goodies for snacking.  I even convinced Andy to take the little girls out to dinner so Anya could have some alone time with her friends.  It was all set up, and she was so excited.  Here are a few pics of the decor and of Anya getting all beautified.

The beauty table
The beauty table
More food
More food
Lots of lanterns and lotus-shaped tea lights!
Lots of lanterns and lotus-shaped tea lights!
The birthday girl!
The birthday girl!

So let me begin by saying that hosting a sleepover always seems like an awesome idea.  You figure you can handle a few extra girls in the house, right?  They might be a little loud and rambunctious, but it’s only for a night.  Then, after about an hour, you begin to feel slightly overwhelmed, but you can do this.  Your daughter was just at a sleepover at <insert child’s name>’s house, and they never complained.  Within two hours, you are thinking that you must be the most awesome parent in the world to agree to this.  Within three hours, you are swearing that you will never have a multi-girl sleepover at your house again.  You want to applaud your parents for letting you do these countlessly through your childhood.  I had one almost every year for my birthday; one year, there were at least 10 extra girls at my party.  I vacillate between calling my mom crazy or saintlike.  (Disclaimer:  I am not a horrible person for thinking this.  I really believe every parent does.  And even when I feel like this, I still know I’ll do it again because of how happy it makes Anya).

I am supervising this party and have been extremely amused and educated by the tales and opinions of these 9-10 year old girls.  I cannot help but share a few of these gems of wisdom with you all:

– Girl 1:  “I went to a party before.  It wasn’t decorated like this…but the food was better.”  No apology issued after this honest statement.

– Girl 2:  “My boyfriend told me…”

Me:  “Wait, you have a boyfriend?”

Girl 2:  “Yeah, I have known him since I was 2 weeks old.  He had another girlfriend, but he was mean to her.  Now I don’t like her because if you are mean to my boyfriend, I won’t like you.”

Me:  speechless

– Girl 1:  (watching the news, which I mistakenly turned to)  “Oh my gosh, Justin Bieber got arrested!”

Girl 2:  “Yeah, he was driving drunk and was acting really bad.”

Girl 3:  “My question is, how did he get drunk?  He cannot drink yet.”

Girl 2:  “You know, it’s about time he got in trouble.  He has been really bad.”

Girl 1:  “I’m not going to like him anymore.”

Girl 3:  “His career is ruined!”

 –  Girl 2:  “What should I do when I get up tomorrow?  Because I get up pretty early.”

Me:  “Well, what time do you get up?”

Girl 2:  “3:00 am or 6:00 am.”

Me:  “Do not wake up at 3:00.  Let’s shoot for later, okay?”

Girl 2:  “Okay, I’ll wake up at 4:00.  ***Pray for me.  Seriously.***

– Girl 1:  “Let me ask you something.  Do you spoil your kids?”

Me:  “I don’t think so…why?”

Girl 1:  “On Valentine’s Day, do you let them eat all their candy or only a little bit?”

Me:  “Only a little.”

Girl 1:  (thinks about this)  “Okay then.”

Me, in my head:  Did I just get put in line by a 9 year old?

So many things have been discussed and said already, and we haven’t even made it to breakfast.  Kids are hilarious, but these conversations have kept me secretly smiling all night long.  

Thank God for coffee – I’ll see you all at 4:00 am.


3 thoughts on “Tales from a 4th grade sleepover

  1. You know you always throw good bday parties!! Wasn’t it simpler when their friends really only consisted of kids of people you were friends with?
    I did a sleep over with 5 extra boys…and I will not do it again. So last year I bribed Brayden that if we got him a Wii U he couldn’t have a party…I think this bribing should continue, but then I feel guilty that they are missing out on making fun memories for their birthdays. Uhg. My sanity or allowing my kids to make (hopefully) fond memories???

  2. Just got a chance to read this. Now I want to read the rest of your posts! Thanks for sharing! Happy belated birthday to beautiful Anya!

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