Let’s try something new

I follow multiple blogs, including one called The Bloggess.  She is hilarious.  I was laughing out loud to one of her posts so hard that Andy made me read it out loud to him.  Anyways, she does a sort of weekly roundup in which she lists things of relevance to her and the blog.  I like how this works, so I figured I might try doing the same thing.  The benefits are two-fold:  it helps me have a reason to write at least weekly, and it also provides fabulous information about your truly.  And who wouldn’t want to know all the up to date information about aralacarpenterdaily?  So here we have it, the first installment of “The Recent Whats” with aralacarpenterdaily:

Book(s):  I don’t even know why I put an optional “s” with this.  I’m always reading multiple things.  This week, it’s Serena by Ron Rash, cooking blogs, and the 5th installment of The Mortal Instruments series.

Music:  “Royals” by Lorde (Grammy winner!), “The Is Gospel” by Panic at the Disco, “Monster” by Eminem and Rihanna, and old school Fall Out Boy.

TV and Movies:  4th season of “Damages,” State of the Union address on Wednesday, “The Originals,” and “Paranormal Activity 4.”  I know those movies are staged, but I love any scary movie.

Foods:  making eggs in all the different ways, juicing (I just bought my first juicer and as Anya says, I’m going juice crazy), and substituting almond flour in recipes.

Current topics of interest:  the pregnant woman taken off life support, homemade almond butter cookies (doctored the best recipe!), learning German while driving in my car, and IEP’s and their effectiveness, especially pertaining to my own child.

Goals for the week:  reorganize and purge craft supplies, since they are overtaking my craft corner.  Also to start posting a German word/phrase on our board in the entryway everyday to help us learn the language.

This may seem a tad boring, but it’s something new and different to try.  Do you have anything to add to these topics?  What are your favorites for the week?


Follow The Bloggess!  Her blog can be found at http://thebloggess.com.


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