The Recents 10 February 2014

Books:  “Dark Places” by Gillian Flynn.  I’m also still finishing up my book on true criminals.  Sometimes, reading that book is difficult.  There have been some messed up people and situations in human history.

Music:  Miley Cyrus.  Judge all you want.  The girl does some crazy, attention seeking things, and sometimes I think she goes a little too far just to get even more publicity.  However, the girl can sing, and I enjoy a good voice.  I’m also really into new A Day to Remember.

TV/Movies:  finally catching up on the fifth season of The Vampire Diaries.  I love that show!  Since I have to to download a lot of shows I like, I usually save up 4-10 episodes so I can watch episodes one after the other.  It sounds weird, but then I am able to gorge on the show or watch them later on my iPad at the gym.  I’ve also been watching some of the Winter Olympics.  The winter games are not my favorite, but Andy will watch anything sports related, therefore I end up watching some of the games as well.

Foods:  plain donuts.  I have a donut problem.  I went on a baking spree this past week/weekend, and I have fallen in love with Mexican Magic Bars.  These bars contain graham crackers, coconut, chocolate, pecans, cinnamon, and sweetened condensed milk.  They are amazing.  I also made a cinnamon roll apple pie, which is a combination of two of Anya’s favorites – cinnamon rolls and apple pie.

Current topics of interest:  battling the use of technology among my children.  I want the girls to be technologically savvy, but I also do not want them dependent on it.  I never wanted to set restrictions on computer/tv usage, but I am finding that I have to set some rules.  My friend referenced an article about how children are losing their imaginations to technology, and I do not want that to happen.  I feel like we are doing an adequate job, since I witness my children at play without iPods, computers, or iPads.  But, it is my latest topic that I have been thinking about.  I also have been researching day trips in our area and…London!  We are definitely going this year.  If you have any London with kids traveling tips, pass them along!

Goals for the week:  get a ration card.  We have been living here for awhile now, and I still do not have one.  This means I have been buying coffee on the economy, which is okay, but I could be getting it cheaper on post if I had that ration card.  I also want to take a day trip with the girls this week since they do not have school on Friday.  Finally, I am going to take Emma walking at least twice this week.  She is getting older and a little chubbier.  The walk also benefits me in my aim to shed that winter blubber of mine.  🙂

It’s a boring week – sorry!  Anyone have any good recipes to pass along to me?  When Andy is gone, I tend to be bored and to try new recipes out.  Send them this way!



2 thoughts on “The Recents 10 February 2014

  1. It would be a short flight or a decent train ride, depending which way you wanted to go. And the weather could be really cold, also depending on when you all come. We can work on it!

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