The husband adventures

As you all know, the husband is in the military.  That is how we end up moving every 3 years, and it also allows us to travel and explore the different places we live.  There is a compromise though.  Military life is tough, with many separations for work and training.  The hours can be very long and demanding.  This does not even include the stress of moving so frequently and having your entire life upended, often on short notice and without your consent.  Despite all of this, we really enjoy military life and the opportunities we have had.  The sacrifices and challenges are tough, but as a family, we seem to thrive.

Andy is constantly TDY for work.  This is short for temporary duty assignment.  Essentially, I think of him as a traveling businessman, without the business.  When we lived in the states, the TDYs were to various states.  In Europe, his TDYs take him to different countries.  That is infinitely cooler, right?  In the past 2.5 years, he has worked with and built working relationships with military members in multiple countries.  His work is exposing him to culture, languages, and people that he would never had met if not for his work.  When you put it in this perspective, being away from your family for work seems a little less difficult, right?

Why am I writing about this?  Andy has a very busy 2 months and is currently gone on his second TDY of the month.  That’s right, his second.  He was gone for a week, came home for 36 hours, then left again for another TDY.  He will be home for 4 days, then leaves for a hockey tournament here in Germany.  Then he will be home for a day to leave again for a school for 6 weeks.  Ah, the every wandering husband…but even with all the time away, I am happy (and even a little jealous) for him.  He is doing so many amazing things.  He will have these experiences for the rest of his life.  Without his career, the girls and I would not be here either.  We get to experience living and traveling because of his career, so I try not to be too resentful.  He also does all of this without really complaining.  If he is absentee for awhile, it’s okay.  I know he misses us, even when he is enjoying haggis and a pint with the locals.  And at least he gets to come home to us.  🙂

Have you guessed where Andy is right now?  Land of haggis, pints, lochs, green cliffs and hills, and awesome accents – Scotland.  Yes, Scotland.  You understand why I wrote that I can be jealous of him.  Here are a few pictures of where he is working and staying.  It’s okay to be envious of your spouse, right?  While I have to say goodbye to my husband pretty frequently, it’s hard to complain with locations like this.  Besides, I receive some pretty awesome souvenirs…


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