Random Saturday

I know how to write properly and with etiquette.  I have been writing and reading for more years than I would like to admit, and I have a degree in English.  You could say that I like and understand words.  However, there are times where I feel like my thoughts and opinions are so random that it would be silly to attempt to compose a structured essay or piece of writing.  An essay or even a paper must contain a few key things:  an introduction, a main idea, supports, and a conclusion.  Somedays, I feel like using this basic model for blog posts.  Other days, I feel like having word vomit all over your screens (that’s a nice graphic image for you!).  Today is one of those days, because today was a very random day.

So here are my random thoughts and pieces of information for today:

– driving on the autobahn is ridiculously fun.  I cannot even remember why I was so terrified of it.  Where else in the world would 120 km/hr or 75 mph feel slow?  On most parts, there is no speed limit.  Seriously!  This leads to my next point…

– I feel like GPS systems are a goal.  There is a clear route, but the time listed to complete that route is an estimate.  Whenever I see the time listed to reach my destination, I see it less as an accurate measure of time and more as a challenge.  One hour to Bayreuth?  Challenge accepted.  Today, I drove from Bayreuth to Fürth in less than an hour.  Rachel for the win!  Contrary to what my children will say, I am not a crazy driver.  I never drive more than 15 km/hr or 10 mph over the speed limit.  This is mostly because I am aware of how bad the ticket will be over these excesses.  But beating the GPS time frame allotted for a trip feels like a great success, right?

– my children are awesome right now.  I do not know if we have hit the right ages or if I have adapted to motherhood after 10+ years, but life seems easier <knock on wood>.  Anya is becoming so independent and self-reliant, even when I want to help her instead.  I had the best day with Lorelei and Addie around Bavaria, and I noticed how well-behaved they are.  They listen when I tell them to stay with me.  They do not argue when I say no to something in a store and are grateful when I buy them a treat like ice cream.  All three girls tell the best stories, ask my advice, and genuinely wish to spend time with me.  I do not want to jinx it, but my girls are fantastic right now!

– Game of Thrones is amazing.  I am rewatching all the seasons before the 4th season airs, and it reminds me how fantastic it is.  The books are even better – trust me.

– I hate when directors and producers adapt a book series to TV or movies and screw it up.  Even though I applaud Game of Thrones and HBO, they still did not adapt the series with 100% accuracy.  That makes me so crazy!  More so because the details that are changed are not hard to adapt to screen.  I like to read the books before they are adapted into movies and television, which only makes viewing them more difficult.

Enough randomness for today.  At least I gave you a few topics to ponder on this glorious Saturday…


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