Mom truths

So a blog I follow, the Iowa City Moms Blog, has started posting “Mom Truths” in the past week.  These are pictures and blog posts of the truths that moms tend to hide in an effort to appear “normal.”  I really like all of the posts I have been seeing on their blog and their Instagram.  It makes me feel like all moms are united in the struggle to raise our children as best as we can while also admitting that we all do the things that we need to do, even if they are not pretty.  So far, no one has posted anything that I have not either done or considered doing myself!

In light of their honesty campaign, I would like to share a few of my “Mom Truths:”

– I know that the only reason I survived my undergraduate and graduate education is by using the TV to keep my children busy.  I accomplished a majority of my schoolwork at night when my girls were sleeping.  However, every Sunday was crunch day.  The girls knew that we were not leaving the house and that if they could be quiet, I would let them watch as much TV as they wanted.  All they had to do was let Mommy type and read her books all day.  Yes, the TV babysat my children.  I always censor what they watch and would be in the room with them, and I’m not ashamed to admit this as I stare proudly at those diplomas on the wall.  We all do what we need to, right?

– Pregnancy scares me, even after having three children.  It is painful, exhausting, and nine months of giving your body over to another human being, followed by a hopefully short but excruciating labor and many months of getting your own body back.  It’s selfish, but I like having my body to myself.

– I sometimes bribe Addie with M&Ms.  Today, it was the only way I could get her to go to preschool.  It’s her favorite candy and every once in awhile, I pull out this special bribe.

– Even if I have a cool exterior, I feel like a hot mess 90% of the time.  I constantly feel like I am falling behind in what is the “norm” for mothers, that I do not volunteer enough, dress my kids well enough, spend enough time with them etc.  I hate that I feel this way, but I do.

– I try really hard not to lie to my children.  I like to think that I creatively tell the truth.  For example, Anya (my child genius)  was telling me everything she learned about Henry VIII and his reign.  Mind you, she read and learned this on her own.  She was explaining how he was married to Queen Catherine, then divorced her to marry Anne Boleyn.  She loudly proclaims, in front of all the other children walking home from the bus, that Queen Elizabeth I was originally called a bastard.  She said that actual word.  A part of me wanted to shush her, but I merely pulled her aside to say, “You are not wrong.  That word is not such a nice word though, so don’t say it in front of the other kids.”  I think that children can be told the truth while also having it presented in a better, less offensive way.

– I tell my kids that places are closed when I do not want to go there. For example:  “oh, the food court is closed today, so we cannot go there.”  Works every time.  This kind of lie does not bother me in the least.

– I have hidden treats from my children so that I do not have to share them.  This includes but is not limited to :  the last cupcake, good chocolate, Twix bars, croissants, and hummus.  Yes, hummus.  Not even a little sorry about that.

These are just a few of the truths I could share.  We all do the very best we can, hoping that our children will someday grow up and appreciate our time and sacrifices like I do of my mother’s.  What are your “Mom Truths” that you are willing to share?

***Follow the Iowa City Moms Blog for more truths and even better mom blog posts at  If you love pictures as much as I do, follow them on Instagram at icmomsblog.


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