The Recents: 31 March 2014

Sad news friends:  my iPhone has a scratch.  It is not a deep scratch and is not effecting its performance.  Despite this, I am a little sad.  I have had every version of the iPhone up to the iPhone 5 (current phone).  I have dropped it, had one stolen, and have had one just quit.  I have never had a scratch though!  I do not know how it happened, but it definitely put a damper on an otherwise fabulous Monday.

Enough of my first-world problems – here are the recents for this week:

Music:  we took a day trip this weekend, and we listened to a lot of One Direction on the drive.  It pains me to admit this, but I do not mind this band.

TV/Movies:  I finally watched “12 Years a Slave,” and it was so sad.  It was a great movie though.  I need to catch up on “The Walking Dead” and “The Vampire Diaries” this week.  I am back to using my iPad on the treadmill to catch up on my shows!

Books:  an autobiography of Eva Braun, Hitler’s mistress.  No one has really published a decent account of her life or explained her influence on Hitler.  In the book, the author explains that both during and after World War II, no one wanted to explain Hitler’s love for this woman because it would humanize him and show a personal side to the dictator.  This would have been detrimental because Hitler was supposed to be fully committed to Germany.  Also, who wants to feel anything besides distaste and horror for this man?  The book has been interesting so far.

Food:  I ate one of the best döner kebab sandwiches today, of course from a little stand outside a hardware store.  I am now determined to find out how to recreate the sauce in that sandwich!  My friend is also going to teach me how to make really good biscuits and gravy, so I’m excited for that, too.

Topics of interest:  how to parent a pre-teen without losing my every-living mind.  I have to be able to manage this stage because the next stage, the teen years, is going to be even harder!

Goals for the week:  keep working on the yard.  In this house, my back yard is actually the yard that faces the street, making it my front yard.  I have been slowly trying to make it more beautiful, and I want to keep working on this.   The husband also comes home this week (yay!), so getting the house in order is a priority.  I do not want him to think I let the house fall apart when he is gone for a long time!  It really doesn’t, but I like him to think that I make an effort.


In Europe, we had our Daylight Savings Time yesterday, and that one measly hour forward is kicking our butts.  Good night all!


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