I noticed that many people on Instagram caption their photos with a “because…”  What does this mean?  Their general description begins with “Because” and describes the picture or message that person is trying to convey.

What does this have to do with this post?  I was thinking of all the things I start with “Because” and thought it might be interesting to make a list of them.  So here it goes:

– Because cheese is too good not to eat.  <side note:  since my pregnancy with Leo, I cannot tolerate lactose.  However, cheese is just too good sometimes.  I ate my homemade alfredo sauce tonight, and while I will pay for it later, it was worth it.>

– Because friends are amazing.  I really do mean that.  Friends can bring you joy, laughter, support, guidance, and love.  If we are friends, it really means something to me.  I have said this before, but I will go above and beyond for my friends because the I care and the same will be returned to me.  As a military family often far from traditional family, good friends are extremely important.  We have made amazing friends at every duty station, and I treasure all of them.

– Because books are amazing.  Yes, I am repeating myself, but how else do I describe a good book?  I have been able to read a great deal lately, and I love it.  Books have the ability to transport you to another place and time, without ever leaving your home.  In the last month, I have been a housewife in Australia, a college student in England, various family members struggling with grief and regret, a crook and his naive wife, a comedian, and a lost 20-something.  Outside of film, what else has the ability to do this?  Books….are….AWESOME!

– Because it’s nice to be appreciated.  When work is pushing my stress level to the maximum or the kids are being very demanding, that one small compliment or expression of gratitude goes a long way.  I have realized that a simple “thank you” or “you have been so helpful” are beneficial to mine and other’s moods!

– Because coffee.  Enough said.  Ooh, and wine.

– Because family.  If you have not noticed, I LOVE MY FAMILY.  Even with all the stupid decisions, the drama, and the pettiness, I still love my family.  They are my everything.  The hardest part of being married to the military is the fact that I cannot always be there for my family, good times and bad.  Despite that, I know that I can makeup for that when I am around.

– Because a clean house does not indicate a perfect life.  Wives/mothers, remember this.  It took me some time to figure this out, but your kids will not remember if your house was clean.  They will remember the time you played Guess Who 5 times in a row, the time you helped them dye their hair blue (temporarily, of course), or the time you turned the table into a painting mess.

– Because October is the best.  October is my favorite month.  I feel like I was destined to be born in this month, since I love all things fall, scary, and Halloween.

– Because you are reading this.  Reading, writing, English, and languages have always come easily to me.  I often take it for granted how simple an essay is or how translating something in Spanish comes naturally.  It sounds arrogant, but I do often take it for granted. Thank you for your time, your reading, and your comments.  I read every single one and appreciate all of them.

Finally, because….it is bedtime.  🙂


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