The Recents: 26 October 2015

I celebrated my birthday this past week.  I am 31 now – 31.  Why does that feel older than 30?  I feel very much like an adult, doing all sorts of adulating all over the place.  There are still some days that I just cannot adult, but those are fewer now that I am into “my 30s.”  I like my sister/grandma’s approach:  it is the 2nd anniversary of my 29th birthday.

Anyways, in light of a new birth year, here are the recents:

– Music:  still Sleeping with Sirens.  Kellin Quinn and his voice….enough said.  And he posts pictures of his kids on Instagram all the time, so he is a decent dad.  Even more love.

– TV/Movies:  I rented “The Final Girls” and really, really need to watch it.  A parody on horror movies?  Awesome.  Also, I finally started “American Horror Story:  Hotel” and “Heroes:  Reborn” and am loving both of them.  Is it just me, or is AHS getting bolder and more risque with every season?

– Books:  I keep trying to narrow myself down to two or even three books at a time, but I just cannot.  I start a book, love it, then remember that I am in the middle of about four other books.  First world problems.  Right now, I am in the middle of the following books:

Unwind by Neal Shusterman

Black Chalk by Christopher J. Yates

The Girl In The Spider’s Web by David Lagercrantz

A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin (will he please just publish the next in the Game of Thrones series?  I am dying here).


– Current events:  migration/refugee crisis here in the EU.  While it has calmed down since a few months ago, it is still a concern.  Locally, it has finally been addressed.  I am anxious to see what happens when Germany tries to deport those who were denied asylum.  I feel like this will become a little like America, with illegal immigrants living here regardless of laws or status.  We shall see.

Also, my friend posted an article about a link between processed meats (i.e. bacon, sausage, etc.) and cancer.  A few hours later, this had blown up all over the internet.  As I said to her, why are all the delicious things bad for you?  I never liked sausage until I moved to Germany (bratwurst and currywurst were my pregnancy foods and continue to be my favorites), and now I have to give them up?


This may offend some people, but I feel like there is always a bad article about something we are eating.  Yes, “processed” generally means bad.  Fresh foods are always a better choice, although not always easily accessible or affordable.  At the same time, Andy’s grandma has lived a healthy, normal life into her 90’s and without worrying about the food she eats.   My general rule is to eat everything in moderation, and I really do mean that.  I try to buy and cook a balance of foods, and all of us are healthy and happy.  We could probably be even healthier, but we also like food.  If some sausage increase my cancer risk, then okay – at least I will go out happy and full.

Side note:  Leonard Andrew Michael has ruined me.  Yes, I middle-named him.  On top of issues with lactose, I cannot drink soda anymore.  Something with the carbonation, I think, makes me feel terrible.  This only started after I had him, along with my other issues.  Good thing he is adorable.

– Goals for the week:  a successful Halloween!  There is so much going on this week, and I just want to enjoy one of my favorite holidays.  Also, to stay on top of everything.  I continue to try to find a successful way to organize all our schedules, as all of us have busy lives.  Things are still falling through the cracks though.  Here is to this week and getting everything right (optimism is important).


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