Just restart.

Anytime I have computer troubles, whether at home or at work, this seems to be the best advice:  just restart and try again.  Simple, yet frustrating.  Effective, but time-consuming.  Easy, but difficult.  It’s an oxymoron – a restart can change everything.

I gave up on this blog almost a year ago.  I am an entirely too busy person.  I overtask myself constantly, even when I say that I will not do this again.  I have four children, a husband, a job, a volunteer position, and an entire collection of extended family and friends that I keep touch with.  A blog felt like some dead weight I could lose.  Yet, here I am.  I love writing, and I love sharing the extraordinary life that I have been given to live.  I tried to stay away, but I could not.  I’m back.

Since I’m back, here are my recents:

– Movies/TV:  “The Invitation.”  Seriously good and messed up movie.  I find that while I still enjoy movies and TV, there is not a lot of originality.  I wonder if all the good ideas have already been used.  This movie caught me off guard, and it was awesome.  Highly recommend!

– Music:  Anything that embarrasses my oldest daughter.  Tonight, I sang Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” in the car and introduced her to some late 90’s pop hits.  I also find that I am not as hip to music as I used to be, preferring my own favorites to the “new” stuff.  Yep, I’m old.

– Books:  Currently reading “Into the Woods” by Tana French and “Lady Midnight” by Cassandra Clare.  I have really been drawn to murder/detective books lately.  I am also sixteen books into my Goodreads challenge of forty-five this year, so I’m doing well!

In new developments, we are moving to Hawaii!  The military may have its disadvantages, but they give you a ray of sunshine (or years of it) every once in awhile.  We are excited but also super sad to be leaving Germany.  We love everything about it here, but it was never going to last forever.

Also, I am learning that parenting at thirty-one is VERY different from parenting at twenty-one.  In short, I am exhausted.  Maybe it is because we are entirely outnumbered, maybe it is because the kids all have activities and such, or maybe it is because I spend all day running around like a crazy person, both for work and the family.  Either way, it is not as easy as it used to be, and it’s only going to grow more difficult.  But, all my kids are amazing, so I would not trade it for anything.

Well, I am off to bed.  Another busy day awaits me – see you again soon!


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