My name is Rachel, and I’m addicted to books

I have a serious problem.  I love books.  I know I have written about this love affair before, so this is not a new revelation.  However, I am finally admitting what I should have long ago:  I may have a book obsession/addiction.


How did I discover this?  Was it as I walked around the library today, grabbing books to check out with what limited time I have?  Was it the moment I ran out of space on my 4+ bookshelves?  Was it the day I spent 2 hours searching for a book online because I just had to read it RIGHT NOW?  Surprisingly, none of these is true.  The revelation came as I was trying to figure out how many and which books to take on a short trip.  I tried to rationalize taking 5 books on a 3 day trip, part of which I would be driving.  How in the world would I read 5 books in that short amount of time?  Wouldn’t I be enjoying wherever I was visiting instead of reading?  It hit me:  I have a problem.

This problem began before I can even remember.  My mom told me that I loved books very early on, something I have pushed on my babies as well.  I remember reading a lot in grade school, so much so that I used to get in trouble for reading instead of doing my actual work in school.  I was eligible to skip some grades for reading and English, but my parents did not want me to leave my classmates behind.  This continued into teenage years.  I used to love going to the bookstore or library to “hang out.”  Yes, you read that statement.  I liked parties, football games, dances, and other events, but I also loved browsing the bookstore for hours with a coffee or reading on the library floor.  As I grew into an adult, reading remained a constant.  I mean, my Bachelor’s degree is in English – need I say more?  I am known to always have 1 (or 3) books on me at all times, and I will read nearly everywhere.  My goal everyday is to take care of my family, do my work, and find time to read.

Part of my problem is that I can read so fast and comprehend so much.  Andy talks about how unfair it is that I can read an essay in record time and remember the whole thing.  It’s a great skill to have, so I try not to take it for granted.  It means I can read a lot of things.  I also tend to read more than one book at a time, something that seems to frustrate many people.  I can remember each story and plot, yet I can bounce back and forth between books.  I’m not trying to brag; I have come to realize that this is a rare skill.

So here I am – Rachel, book reader and addict.  Do you classify someone an addict when it becomes a problem?  I do find that I am irritated and frustrated if I cannot find time to read during the day.  I become so involved in books that I can become irrationally angry or sad about the characters or plots.  I become especially angry when a book that is a “must read” turns out to be a dud.  I LOVE the smell of a used bookstore.  I do spend way too much money on books and comics for our entire family.  However, I justify this by looking at them as an investment (please see my previous blog entry about my life goal of having a library in my house, complete with stairs on rails and shelves upon shelves of books).  So call me an addict, an obsessive, a freak, a nerd… is my problem, and I’m okay with it.

Current reads:  Accused by Lisa Scottoline, anything by Karin Slaughter, The Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarty, and Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

Yep, I have a problem.



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