The Recents: 7 June 2016

I have been dreaming about work.  And Key Spouse stuff.  And all my pregnant friends.  Nothing too scary or traumatic, but I feel like if you are dreaming about your job or other worrisome things, then you need a break!  I love my job and my volunteer work.  Perhaps because all of it will be coming to an end soon, my brain is spending as much time as possible on these things.  Who knows?  Side note:  I feel very fortunate to remember my dreams.  Many people cannot!  I love trying to interpret them and wondering what my subconscious is trying to process.

Enough of my randomness.  Here are the recents:

– Books:  all things Karin Slaughter.  The only problem is that I am reading the books out of order.  I was checking her books out of our local library, but I was checking them out as they were available and not in the sequence.  Regardless, I am still loving them.

– Movies/TV:  catching up on all my favorite shows.  I’m trying to keep up with the current Game of Thrones and the recent The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  I’m not a huge fan of reality TV, but I do love some real housewives.  I also got the girls into the original Full House since they put in on Netflix.  LOVE!

– Music:  Leo LOVES music.  I really feel like it is because I listen to a lot of music, meaning he received a lot of it in the womb.  The same thing applies to the girls.  Right now, I am dictating his tastes, which include:  Nicki Minaj, All Time Low, Zayn, Forever the Sickest Kids, and Adele.  What can I say – the kid has some well-rounded taste (which he inherits from me, of course).

– Current interests:  party planning again!  I am throwing a superhero-themed party for Addie and Leo.  Andy is gone, so this is all me – yes, I am a crazy person.  Despite the large workload, I am loving this theme.  This is also the last party we will have here, so I want to make it a good one.


I’m also trying to wrap up all my Key Spouse events and duties.  I thought I would be very relieved to hand this over to someone else, yet I am a tiny bit sad.  I really enjoyed my role here.  I liked working with the squadron leadership, being an information source and welcome face for families, and organizing events.  Then again, this will give me a little more free time, which I will need as we PCS again.  This was a great opportunity to volunteer and lead, and I am thankful for it and any recognition I received.

– Goals for the week:  finish party signs/decor, continue going through the house stuff, finish another book, and workout as much as I can.  I know that I am not obese or unhealthy, but I do not like how I look.  The last time I was happy with my body, I was working out like crazy.  This is not feasible with an absent husband, job, and only so many hours in the day; however, I can try to work harder at it.  I pushed myself today at the gym, even thought I wanted to go home and back to bed.  Keep pushing.  Maybe by putting this on the internet, I will be held even more accountable.

Off to bed/reading – good night world!


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