The Recents: 15 June 2016

I feel like U.S. current events are the big “recents” right now.  Between the nightclub shooting in Orlando and the 2-year old taken by an alligator (also in Florida), there are plenty of things I could discuss.  I have thought about them, discussed them with friends and co-workers, and here are my thoughts:

– The Orlando nightclub shooting is tragic.  There really is no other word.  The one thought that sticks out in my mind among all the reporting is from a father of one of the victims.  He pointed out that this is not a gay-rights issue, a religious issue, or any other issue.  This is a HUMAN issue.  These people were humans. Just as it is in any other horrific, tragic killing or event, these were humans who were slaughtered for no other purpose than to satisfy the wishes and wants of one person or sect.  That by itself is more tragic than anything.

At the end of the day, we are not truly qualified to judge one another.  Not one person on this planet is perfect.  Whatever or whomever you believe in, this is the only being that can judge people and their actions.  We may not always agree with the life choices of others, but who are we to judge?  In my own personal opinion:  love is love.  I do not care who you love or how you love.  I don’t care if you feel the need to shout it and express it to the world or if you keep it reserved.  I don’t care what gender, race, creed, or code you are attracted to.  LOVE IS LOVE.  I hope to raise my children in a world that accepts this idea but even if it does not, I will teach them this.

– The child in Florida is yet again a tragedy.  I wish I had a different word, but there really is not.  There are many different stances you could take to this issue:

There were signs posted to not swim. Why was the child in the water?

Where were the parents?

Why wasn’t the water better patrolled by Disney and searched for wildlife?

Why was there not a swifter response to the incident?

Again, a lot of “What ifs?” and not a lot of solid answers.  No one will really know what happened there outside of the family.  Yes, alligators are common in Florida.  Yes, there were signs posted to not swim in this water.  Yes, this could have been better manned.  But at the end of the day, who cares?  A child is dead.  A family is devastated.  A resort, known for family fun, is now tarnished.  Anyway you look at this, it is tragic.  Instead of pointing fingers, let everyone grieve.

Now that I have written my own opinions, let me get to my own recents:

– Music:  new Pierce the Veil.  Vic Fuentes is amazing!


– TV/Movies:  catching up on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and U.S. politics.  Opposite ends of the spectrum, but that’s how I roll.

P.S.  does anyone else feel like our presidential choices are crap?  I used to be a big Hilary Clinton supporter, but I cannot get past the CIA email scandal.  And anyone who votes for Donald Trump is crazy.  Sorry, but true.

P.P.S.  Any of my Real Housewives fans:  what are you feeling about Yolanda Foster?  Lyme disease or not?  Also, she is gorgeous, as are her kids.


– Books:  still getting my way through very Karin Slaughter book.  I really should have read them in order, but too late now.  I also ordered the book, “Cinderella Ate My Daughter” by Peggy Orenstein, and I’m super excited to pick that up!

– Current events:  already done (see above).

– Goals for the week:  I’m throwing a joint birthday party for Leo and Addie this weekend, and I’m pretty much focusing all my extra time on that.  It’s a superhero party!  It really is hard to believe that the boy will be 1 year old already.  I feel like his first year went by the fastest of all the kids.  Anyways, wish me luck, as I’m doing it on my own!


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