The Recents: 22 January 2017

Am I the only person who finds it hard to believe that it is 2017?  I want life to both speed up and slow down at different points, but it is still difficult to wrap my brain around how quickly life is passing.  I remember thinking the year 2000 was such a huge deal, and now it is 17 years later.  And nothing makes you feel more ancient than when you kid says she is excited for 90s day at school because it was SO LONG AGO.  I actually just told her to get out (sort of kidding), but I was her age in the 90s.  Aging is not for the weak, my friends.

Here are your recents:

– TV/Movies:  so after having cable for the first time in years, I was a little overwhelmed and just now discovered that we have a movie channel package.  Crazy, right?  So besides movies, we have been watching a lot of Star Wars:  Episode 7 (the boy is downright obsessed), American Housewife, and a Disney show called Liv & Maddie that we all like.  Yes, I do too.

– Books:  currently reading 17 Carnations:  The Royals, the Nazis, and the Biggest Cover-Up in History.  I have read a few of Andrew Morton’s books; his Princess Diana biography was amazing.  This book is about Prince Edward, his reign for 325 days before his abdication to be with Wallis Simpson, their relationship, and their friendships and ties to Naz17-carnationsi Germany and those in power before and during World War II.  I love anything about British royalty, and I am learning so many details about their relationship and the scandals that followed them.  For a little lighter reading, I am also enjoying Silver Bay by JoJo Moyes.

– Music:  sadly, nothing new!  Leo, Addie, and Lorelei really like Taylor Swift, so I end up listening to a lot of her songs.  Anya has my tastes and is really into All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, and Sleeping with Sirens, among others.

– Current interests:  politics, but I won’t divulge anything here.  It is not that I do not want to share with you all.  I could tell you all the things that I know, see, hear, and worry about, but that is not really the focus of this blog.  Furthermore, the greatest thing about being a free-thinking, independent, and intelligent human being is that we are all entitled to our OWN opinions.  You loathe President Trump and cannot wait until he is out of office?  Okay.  You love President Trump and can’t wait to see what he does in office?  Okay.  I love that we can all be, say, think, feel, hope, and dream our own things, and I choose to be cautiously pragmatic that not only will those freedoms not change but that this new administration will do what is best for the American people.  If not, then there are elections this year for Congressional seats, and we all best be doing our research and raising our voices and votes.

I will say that no matter how you feel about the recent marches around the world, we can at least acknowledge that the attendance, organization, and representation around the world are impressive.  It will be a day to be remembered, for sure!

Potato and Kale Chips are served with dipping sauce.Okay – enough of that.  Other interests include kale chips and eating more plant-based protein.  Let me explain.  I recently perfected my recipe for kale chips (stole the method from Giada deLaurentis, but tweaked the ingredients), and I could eat them every day.  They are so good, and I do not feel guilty at all while eating them!  Lorelei loves them, too.  Here is her recipe, but I season with a little dried ranch seasoning (those packets you can buy to make your own ranch dip?  I use those for a ton of foods):

I also have been trying to find more protein in plants than meat.  I do not eat a lot of meat when the husband is away.  He is the real carnivore, and I will cook it for him; however, it has never been a priority for me.  I tried vegetarianism before, and with my hypoglycemia, I was not balancing my diet correctly.  I’m making a more conscious effort now while also monitoring my blood sugar and energy levels.  Yes, we still eat chicken, eggs, and fish, but it has been very interesting and fun to incorporate protein in a different way.

– Goals for the week:  get better sleep!  Without working right now, my days are not very regulated.  I get the kids off to school, go to the gym, go to appointments when needed, take kids to sports, etc.  However, I started on a bad sleeping pattern of staying up to past midnight reading or catching up on chores, waking up with the kids for school, then going back to sleep until Leo wakes up.  And if we have nothing to do that day, we are super lazy until lunch…it’s all no good.  I am making it a priority to go to bed at a decent time, wake up and stay awake, and better utilize my day.

And on that note, I will drink my sleepy time tea and go to bed.  Have a wonderful week, and remember to stay positive America – we are all going to be okay!



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