The Recents: 6 February 2017

I’ve been in a funk for a little over a week.  It started with feeling sick but not really having any specific illness – the usual headache, stomachache, lethargy, etc.  The kids and I took the weekend to recover, i.e. I tried to nap and do nothing while they trashed the house and ate cereal for dinner.  No shame at all.  Anyways, the week after that, I had no real plans or commitments outside of sports and school for the kids.  I found that if there was nothing that made me leave the house, I didn’t.  I read books, played with Leo, cleaned the house more thoroughly than necessary, and held tiny pity parties about my husband being away again.  I think I’m allowed this at least once or twice since I manage the rest of the time apart pretty well.  The kids are still taken care of, the bills are still paid, the house is together, and after a week or so, life returns to normal.

I woke up this morning and resolved to get dressed, drink tons of coffee, and be very productive.  After a nice long chat with the best friend, it was mostly successful, outside of the torrential downpour ALL DAY long and having Leo smear red mud all over my tan pants.  Again, life is normal.  Here are the recents:

intotheforest – Books:  I think I read at least 4 books last week, and I’m really starting to pare down my to-read list.  Right now, I’m reading “Into the Forest” by Jean Heglund and “The Hypnotist’s Love Story” by Liane Moriarty.  I’m also super excited to read the new Lisa Gardner book, but I am trying to keep my reading to only 2 books at a time.  This is actually a lot harder than it sounds.

– Movies/TV:  when I was sick, I watched a ton of documentaries.  I finally watched “The 13th,” and it was amazing.  I feel like everyone should watch this – it not only highlights the high rates of minority incrimination but focuses on the U.S. Judicial system and the politics behind imprisonment and punishments as a whole.  I learned a lot.

I’m also binge watching “Shameless” and “The Santa Clarita Diet” on Netflix.  Both are sosantaclaritadiet good but definitely not kid-friendly.  I always struggle with watching these shows, reading, or trying to get some decent sleep after the kids are all asleep!

– Current interests:  anything going on in our government.  Again, I’m not going to broadcast my political views or force my opinions on anyone, but there is not escaping what is happening in our country and around the world.  Even if I wanted to turn off the TV and shut off my computer, these are hot issues.  So, it’s always on my mind.  In short, I watch, listen, and just worry for people in the world.  It is not a singular act, person, or country – it is the world.  I do what I can to spread kindness and to raise my children in the best ways I can, and I continually strive for ways to spread this around the world.  Even if it is just chatting with the nice lady at Target who seems a little sad, it’s something.

I’ve also been doing a lot of travel research.  Nothing definitive in the plans yet, but we really do want to take advantage of our time here while also starting to buckle down on saving for life in the “real world” aka non military life.  Lorelei is obsessed with the idea of going to Maui because some people at school told her about it.  Anya really wants to go to Japan.  Addie thinks we can see the real Dory and Nemo in Australia, so that’s her thing.  In all, there is no possible way to hit everywhere and even if we see some of it, it’s going to take some frugal planning on my part.  Luckily, I’m pretty good at it.  Who knows?  Depending on the economy, our grand adventure may be just a sunset cruise.  🙂

– Goals for the week:  learning about growing your own food.  I’ve been known to have a black thumb – I have killed hosta plants, which are nearly impossible to kill.  However, Walmart mistakenly marked down an elevated planter to $5 about a month ago, and I gave gardening another shot.  Miraculously, I am now successfully keeping a rosemary plant alive and growing zucchini.  The kids nearly squealed, and I don’t think Andy actually believes me.  I’ve decided to give growing my own food another go, but I want to do it correctly.  I want to learn about what I need to do, so I need to learn.  I’m still unemployed, so I have the time, and think of the money I could save if I could grow my own kale and tomatoes?  If it is successful, I promise pictures – I will need them because no one in my family will believe me.

Have a wonderful week friends, and stay positive!


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