The Recents: 25 February 2017

I have had some pretty good interactions and experiences with Hawaii lately.  Sometimes, I look around or reminisce about my life and even with the challenges, I cannot help but wonder how I am so lucky.  I mean, I live in Hawaii!  It’s warm, beautiful, different, and honestly wonderful.  And I moved from Europe!  I cannot even begin to describe my love of that continent.  What a wonderful life I lead.

I met the coolest old lady the other night.  I attended an information meeting for a new charter school opening next year; we are interested in switching the girls there.  Anyways, one of the governing board members was present and spoke about the school.  She told us about her experience with her own schooling and career.  She worked hard and was one of the first Hawaiian females to hold a doctorate in education!  She was so passionate and inspiring as she detailed the school’s arts integration program, education in the 21st century, and the future of the workforce for all of us.  They call her the school’s “kupuna,” which is the Hawaiian word for respected leader or elder of the community (it can also mean grandparent).  She made jabs about current politics, informed us about the aloha spirit that is so unique here, and she commended all parents present for doing the work for our children as well.  I made sure to introduce myself, as I was impressed, and told her that she is such a wonderful role model for my girls.  We talked about sensory processing, the ideas she has for the school, and then she hugged me goodbye.

All of this doesn’t seem like much, but I love the sense of community and family here.  A woman who left me awestruck ended up embracing me and admiring my own drive for my children.  I was so happy to meet her.  Moments like that make me wonder if fate is a real concept!  Anyways, here are the recents:

– Books:  I broke my 2 book rule, but it is for a logistical reason.  I keep one paper book in my room and one in my bag, and I also read a book on my iPad at night.  I’m currently reading “On The Edge of Gone” by Corinne Duyvis, “The Reader” by Bernhard Schlink, and “The Girl with All the Gifts” by M.R. Carey.  All are so good!

– Music:  did you know that All Time Low, one of my favorites, is releasing a new album 2 June?  The girls and I are beyond excited.  I thought that with one of the band members living on Oahu, the band would offer a tour stop in Hawaii – but no.  We have also been listening to many of the songs on the “Moana” soundtrack.  The kids love this movie (so do I), and the songs are just are catchy.

– Movies/TV:  currently trying to catch up on the last season of “The Vampire Diaries.”  I do not want this show to end, but I do think it is time.  I have also found that I watch less and less TV right now – I’m reading like crazy!  On a side note, Leo really likes this Nickelodeon show “Shimmer and Shine.”  It’s about 2 girl genies; this is going to be one well-rounded, educated child.

– Current topics of interest:  buying local!!!!  No matter where I live, I love buying local and supporting local business and agriculture.  Here in Hawaii, that is very easy – you just have to be willing to step out of the shopping centers.  I found some excellent produce at the Red Barn food stand in Haleiwa, and I found a super cute wallet at Nui in Wahiawa.  This store is owned by 3 friends – that is the dream for my best friend and I!  Buying local is so vital to the community and the economy.  It is so easy to pop on Amazon to buy everything you need, and I admit to doing this sometimes.  Jarvis (the Roomba) needed new filters, and Amazon is the cheapest route.  However, every local business is owned by someone trying to feed their family, pay their student loan debt, buy a house, or to share a love of their business.  I enjoy talking to people and learning from them just as much as I enjoy buying from them.  BUY LOCAL!

Daycare is also on the brain.  I had 2 really great job interviews this week (keep your fingers crossed).  Either one would not only be beneficial for my career but financially beneficial.  I have a sitter lined up, in the event that someone FINALLY hires me, but I would like to find something closer to each place of work, if I am offered one of the positions.  I want Leo is someplace that is enriching and educational.  Like employment, daycare is a difficult thing to secure on the island.  It is nerve-wracking finding a place for your child to spend more than 40 hours a week.  I want it to be the perfect balance of structure, stimulation, cost, and proximity.  Like I said, I have had very good luck in the past, so here is hoping for now.

– Goals for the week:  I am hoping to secure at least 1 second interview for the above interviews, which is always a little more stressful than the first.  I never stress with first interviews, but seconds are more pressure.

I also want to deep clean the house since my mom will be here in 2 weeks!  I always love having my mom here, and the kids are so excited.  In her anticipated arrival, I should probably really clean the house (as opposed to my surface, “that’s good enough” cleaning).

Good night to you all – I have 3 books to get through.  🙂


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