Lorelei Q&A

I recently conducted an informal interview with each of my children (except Leo because the only answers I would receive would be “Rey,” “Oh no!” and “Mama”).  I asked simple questions because I enjoy hearing what they think and feel.  Okay, I enjoy it most of the time.  Here is my Q&A with Lorelei, the middle daughter:

How old are you?  Mom, seriously.  You know I’m 9.

Do you have a nickname?  Tinkerbell.  *Side note:  she gained that nickname in preschool because she was always dancing and twirling, practicing her ballet.  The nickname stuck through kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade.*

Let’s do favorites.  What are your favorite…

Color:  purple

Song:  “She’s Out of Her Mind” by Blink 182 and “Almost is Never Enough” by Ariana Grande

Book:  Beauty and the Beast

Food:  macarons and croissants

City:  Nuremberg.  Why?  It’s was the closest to our house.  Okay, pick ANY city that you have been to that was your favorite.  Oh!  Then Paris.  *her food choices make sense now.*

School subject:  math

After school activity:  playing with my friends outside

Time of year:  summer because I do not have to wake up for school

Place you have lived:  Italy because it was really pretty there, the food was really good, and I liked my school

Moving on….

What do you want to be when you grow up?  a singer

Which pet do you like most?  Emma because she is not a jerk like Bruce Wayne.  *true story.*

Do you want to have kids someday?  No.  But if I did, I would only want 1.  I don’t like having sisters sometimes.

Do you like being a military kid?  Yes.  We get to move to different places and see new things all the time.

Anything else to add?  Why aren’t you asking more questions?  Are you done already?

Let me tell you a little about Lorelei.  Everything she answered is true and shows a little of her personality.  She is smart, very quick-witted, and often brutally honest; some might not like this, but I would rather she is honest than tell me a lie (she does that from time to time but not successfully).  She likes to see new things and places, but she only likes them if her mom or dad are with her.  She listens to my music on the iPad, which is how she ended up liking Blink 182.  She cares about everyone in her class and never wants to turn down an invitation to a party, play date, or chance to work with someone – in spite of all this, she is very shy.  She is the only child with curly hair, and it’s gorgeous. She walked late in life and has always done things on her own time and at her own pace, and I do not think that will ever change.  And lastly, she is hilarious.



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