Tuesday Thoughts

Not much new to tell lately.  More job interviews, more volunteer opportunities, more days that pass until the husband is home for a visit (eek!), and more everyday life in the Carpenter house.  I have been driving a lot lately, and I think about many things while driving.  I present you with some Tuesday Thoughts, and perhaps you will consider these as well:

– Every parent has a favorite child.  Before you protest and tell me you do not, I want you to stop lying to yourself and to the world; we all have a favorite child.  It is the same way that you may have a favorite actor/actress, teacher, friend, store, song, book, etc.  There are moments where one child is favorable over the other.  I feel no shame in admitting this.  My siblings will tell you that I was my mom’s favorite child, but I think she, like me, had different favorites at different times.  There are some days where Leo is my favorite because he is the great age between baby and terrible-toddler.  He still likes to snuggle, thinks I can do nothing wrong, and is happy nearly all the time.  Then Addison is my favorite another day because she is so selfless and sweet.  She always tells me how wonderful a mom I am and tries very hard to behave.  Lorelei can win favorite of the day with her wisecracks and humor; she is so on point at times, it kills me.  Today’s favorite was Anya though.  Not only did she babysit for me tonight, she switched laundry, emptied the dishwasher, and ensured that everyone was in bed.

It’s okay to have a favorite child, so long as that child is not the favorite ALL the time and you do not show obvious favoritism to one over the other.  If I’m really honest, there are days where I’m not fond of any of them (I kid, I kid).

– I’m going to say something that I never thought I would say:  I am starting to understand how people grow to love Crossfit.  No, I’m not attending any classes.  I feel like an imposter just stepping into the functional fitness area at the gym – I really just want the kettle bells.  I started using a HIIT app called Keelo; it offers multiple workouts depending on your time, intensity, and areas you want to work on.  It is great for someone like me who needs to utilize the short amounts of time available to get a workout in, and it also feels like you are truly using your time beneficially.  Anyways, the first day I used a workout was brutal.  I hated all 9 minutes of the allowed time, and every part of my body was on fire.  After some time, I am starting to look forward to the challenge of either beating my time or doing more reps than the previous workout.  Today, I had 9 minutes to do a 21-15-9 of squats, supermans, knockouts, and jumping jacks.  Those minutes went by quick!  I can see my form and strength gaining and improving, and the challenge is keeping me motivated.  I’m not flipping tires or joining any classes, but I will say – this is a motivating workout method.

– I need to take some continuing education.  I was so happy to be finished at my master’s degree.  I really loved school and college, but I was ready to read normal books and not feel the stress of papers and finals.  As I continue job searching, I think I need some more certifications or training to boost my resume.  Can anyone recommend some courses?  My degrees are in English and management, so anything that could make me seem more professional or make up for the lack of professional experience would be great.

I hate the endless cycle of job searching and interviews.  You do not have enough experience for a position, but no one will hire you for a similar position to GIVE you the experience that you NEED for that position!  What do you do?  Combine that with constant moving for the military and needing to make enough money to at least cover childcare, and you can understand my frustration.

– When you do feel is the appropriate age to allow children on social media?  The husband and I have not really set an age for the kids, but as of now, they are not allowed on any.  Our oldest, at 13 years old, has a phone and can access the internet, but her apps and purchase are monitored, her phone is checked, and we have to know all her passwords.  I was around some other parents recently, and our views seemed to be in the minority.  Social media is so overwhelming for adolescents AND parents – it is a big, scary, unknown world out there that is challenging for parents to teach limits and responsibility to teens.  I do not know if I was really responsible online until early adulthood.  I was more curious as to what other people think – we could be overprotective parents, but I am not ready to send my pretty, innocent child out into social media.

– My dog is on my mind.  She is almost 10 years old; that is getting up there for a canine.  We take her routinely to the vet, she is on more meds than all of us, and she seems very happy and healthy.  There are days when I can see her age though.  Her hair grows more grey daily.  What used to be a quick walk around the neighborhood can leave her sore and aching.  She seems slower and less tolerant of the usual shenanigans from the kids (although she still tolerates A LOT and plays with the kids).  I worry about her growing older.

I am not naive to think that Emma will live forever.  All animals die at some point.  She is special though.  We have had her since she was 14 weeks old.  She has seen 3 babies come into this house.  She has moved 4 times and lived in 3 countries with us!  Yes, she eats anything you leave out, she has ruined shoes, toys, and even straightening irons, and she costs me plenty of money.  We all love her so much (she and the husband have a strangely close bond), and I just cannot imagine our house without her.  I am hopeful that we have many more years with her, as the vet recently commented about her excellent health, but the daily reminders of her age concern me.  There will never be another Emma.

– Most days, eating right is easy.  It is not challenging to eat a balanced diet, to include plenty of fruits and veggies, to watch your sugar intake, and to drink plenty of water.  I find that even when I complain about getting the kids to eat right, we usually do it pretty well.  However, there are the few days that eating right just sucks.

I think I have mentioned that I am trying to drop some weight.  I am not at my pre-pregnancy weight, and Leo is almost 2 years old.  I have focused more on eating healthy and exercising regularly, and this is doable.  There are some moments where an apple just will not curb the chocolate craving, where water does not taste as good as soda, or pasta sounds way better than veggies.  Maybe my body is craving sugar, as I’ve curbed my sugar intake drastically, but this challenge in eating right has been noticeable as of late.  *I cut my sugar intake because I have noticed more hypoglycemic reactions/symptoms in the past few months.  I’m trying to better monitor all sugar intake and to better balance it.***  Do any of you have trouble maintaining a healthy diet, and if so, what are your tricks?

– Signs you have lived outside of America for awhile:  I’ve had cable for 6 months now, and I just discovered about 100 channels I did not know I had.  Literally blew my mind.  We are still getting used to life in America after so long away.  There are so, so many things I miss about Europe, but there are days where you discover that CMT aires “Roseanne” episodes every morning, and it makes the transition a little better.

I think that will do it for this Tuesday.  Good night all, and I hope my random thoughts have given you something to ponder as well.  🙂


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